Microsoft Edge Browser For Android Gets A New Feature

June 23, 2018

Currently, most of the gadgets available today are running either on Android or iOS platforms. There are also other operating systems but nothing can match up to the way these platforms have developed. It is the same case with web browsers too. Right now, Google Chrome is one of the most popular, and largely preferred browsers used by masses across the world. In fact, it can be said that Google Chrome is currently dominating the segment. The reasons why people prefer it is its functionality and also its integration with the Google’s own services. As a result, it is quite obvious for other browsers to compete with it by offering new and unique features.

Right now, the tech giant Microsoft is in the same process. The company has recently offered a new feature to its Edge browser running on Android in order to compete with the Chrome browser. Microsoft’s very own Edge browser is better known for its quality and potential. Although it packs in many excellent features of a web browser, it is yet to attract users, especially those using the Android platform. In addition to the free download Microsoft Windows 10 version, the Edge browser is the other offering from the brand, which is gradually getting better.

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Hence, in order to give some boost, the American company has added a new feature to its Edge browser, which is AdBlock Plus. The tech giant has recently launched a new beta version of its Edge browser and the highlight is, this new version features the v42.0.02055 update that offers support to block ads natively. With the integration of AdBlock Plus into the browser, users can now block all the annoying ads and pop-ups that appear often on your favorite websites, including YouTube and others.


The company will add this feature directly in the browser to block all the ads. If this is added, users can activate it by going to the Settings menu, which includes a new option – Block content. Right now, AdBlock Plus is one of the successful and largely used ad blocking services by people. So, it is certainly a good move by the Microsoft to draw in more users, although it is not the first time to add such feature to a web browser.

This being said, there is still some time for the feature to arrive on the Google Play Store. With this in the process, the company, on the other hand, is also working on more new features such as visual search, internal Intune-managed work and school accounts, which might be offered in coming days. The intelligent visual search is said to provide a new way of searching contact details, recognizing landmarks or searching for almost same images based on a photo. Whereas the Intune-managed work and school accounts will be mainly for organization-managed favorites as well as internal web apps. On the other hand, the company also has some other plans like releasing a new handset. Several rumors indicate that Microsoft is gearing up to launch the Surface phone. There is no accurate information of the Microsoft Surface Phone release date in UAE, but it is expected to be sometime this year.

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