Methods to Clear the Cache on Android

January 12, 2020

Android smartphone packs in several apps that ensure to use device efficiently. And it requires to clean up regularly to maintain the performance. As the number of applications installed is increasing over time, the amount of cache rises accordingly. Once the cache data messes up, the smartphone starts showing up performance-related issues. Along with this, you need to clear the junk files to make it better. Now, you might be wondering how to clear the cache data on Android. Well! Then you are in the right place. Here, we provide with few methods that make it easier to clear cache data. 

What is Cache?

Before going ahead of how to clear the cache on Android, let us understand what cache is? The cache is a collection of small files that can speed up the regular operations of the handset. Storing the cache file of a web browser means, every time you try o open a browser, it grabs the data from the cache. If the files are corrupted, then it can slow down the smartphone. Deleting the file can help make the device faster, as it won’t be stuck with an unreadable file. 

Android smartphone stores App cache files and website cache files. App cache files have all those necessary files related to login credentials and regular updates. Clear these files when you find that they are large and after you uninstall any app. Website cache files are nothing but cookies that automatically installs to facilitate the user experience. You will need to clear these small files after opening the browser. 

Methods to Clear Cache on Android

Clear Cache Using Device Settings

One of the most common methods to delete cache memory on Android smartphones is using device settings. Below are the steps to clear cache data on Android:

– Tap on the Settings icon on an Android smartphone.

– Navigate through “Storage or Storage & Memory” on the settings page.

– You will now find the Internal shared storage windows.

– Tap on cache data from the options available.

clear cache data

– It opens up a pop-up window seeking permission to clear cache data.

– Tap on OK to delete the data from all Android apps.

This method deletes only the cache data of Android apps on the smartphone. 

Clear Cache Data of An App

In case you think that there is a problem with one or two apps, then you can prefer to clear the cache for individual apps. It is an excellent alternative to the devices that don’t allow to delete the entire cache file. Here are steps to clear the cache data of an individual app.

– Open Android settings-→Apps & Notifications.

– Here, you will see all the Android apps available on the device.

– Tap on the app you want to clear. In the Info screen, you need to tap on storage to have a look at the breakdown of storage usage.

Clear cache

– Tap on the clear cache to get rid of the cache files of that app.

– In case you want to erase entire data of the app, tap on clear data. 

Clear Cache using Third-Party Android Cleaner Apps

Another method to clear cache data is to make use of third-party apps. Android cleaner apps can free up storage space on the smartphone by removing junk files, cache files, and residues. Just download one of the best Android cleaner apps on to the device and let it perform the task of clearing the cache. It can further optimize system performance. You can find many cleaner apps on Google Playstore such as Power Clean, Clean Master, and more. Apart from cleaning the cache file, it can clean RAM, delete similar images, unused apps, internal memory cards, and clear browsing data. 

clear cache memory

Clear Cache Using Recovery

This method seems to a bit advanced level and should be the final option to consider to clear the cache. And there is every chance to wipe out the entire sensitive data on the smartphone. Here, we provide you steps to delete cache partition on recovery.

– Switch off Android smartphone.

– Hold power and volume down key simultaneously to boot the device in recovery mode.

– Select Wipe Cache Partition from the menu.

Clear cache data

– Once you clean the cache, reboot the Android device. 

Here is how to clear Cache on iPhone or iPad.

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