Meizu To Debut Meizu 16T Gaming Smartphone With SD855

January 17, 2019

We are already aware of the fact that there are several OEMs which are trying to integrate 5G support for their smartphones with the immersion of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC. It is not only the popular manufacturers, but even Meizu is competing with its Meizu 16T that is claimed to pack in Snapdragon 855 processor and it will be a gaming-focused smartphone. Meizu CEO, Jack Wong already confirmed the debut of the gaming phone alongside Meizu 16s and Meizu 16s Plus. The company CEO took the company’s official forum to reveal some key information about the upcoming Meizu smartphone. Here, we will go through all those rumors and news that are heard so far about the Meizu 16T release date, specifications, and price in Dubai.

Meizu 16T Release Date

Meizu 16T was previously dubbed as Meizu 16G and everyone confused about G naming series as it stands for gaming. Now the company has changed it to the letter T which stands for Turbo. So, the Meizu 16T will be a Turbo gaming smartphone which is claimed to be in the development stage. It is still unsure of the Meizu 16T release date, but rumors hint the release to happen at some time in May 2019. The company also confirmed the launch of two other smartphones, Meizu 16s and Meizu 16s plus alongside the Meizu 16T in Dubai.

Meizu 16T

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Meizu 16T Specifications & Features

The Meizu gaming phone that can be named as either Meizu 16G or Meizu 16T is in early stages and there is no much information known about this product. However, current leaks about the handset revealed the fact that the device is likely to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor which the latest and powerful processor. Despite the integration of the latest processor, this could be a more affordable option. If rumors are to be true, then the handset may get 400mAh-4500mAh battery. There is a much need of the bigger battery to handle the gaming preferences. Furthermore, the device may get a bigger display of around 6.2-inches thus making it a convenient option while gaming.

Meizu 16T

Additionally, the company is ought to introduce two other smartphones, Meizu 16s and Meizu 16s Plus with nearly same display screen size. The Meizu 16s is said to get a 6.2-inches display while the Meizu 16s Plus is ought to carry 6.5-inches display screen. Well! It is unsure if the devices receive a notch display and a classic design as in all of its devices. There is a higher chance for the Meizu smartphones to create a set back again in the smartphone sector. There is still a lot more to know about the Meizu 16T specs and the details can be known only after the official launch of the Meizu 16T.

Meizu 16T Price in Dubai

As far the prices are concerned, the Meizu 16T is likely to get a lower price tag than the remaining two handsets. If this is to be true, then the company is definitely introducing an affordable flagship which adds up value for the money spent. The device is expected to carry the price tag of around AED 26321. If all the rumors are to be true then this gaming-centric smartphone will be the best option to consider.

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