Meet The Xiaomi’s New 4-Sided Edge Display Smartphone

February 12, 2019

No matter what negative remarks you pay Xiaomi, your argument is invalid and you couldn’t be more wrong. Because Xiaomi has come a far long way to march its way on the top of the world right from the ground. Five years ago, nobody would even have heard the name Xiaomi and now today it is proudly standing in a face-to-face competition with Samsung and Apple.

It managed to form various cellphone series, and every single one of them was proved to be as one of a kind –whether it is Redmi, Mi or any other one for that matter. The extent of Xiaomi’s expertise and skill isn’t an obscured fact, in fact, everyone has a sheer clear cognizance of how innovative and how proficient the makers at this company are, who put their sweat and blood to advance a device as brilliant as any of Xiaomi phone.

Xiaomi smartphone

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Since we are already discussing their cellphone, it would be hard not to shed light on the newest 4-Sided Edge Display Smartphone. From what we have seen in the pictures, the phone looks absolutely magnificent and something that is carved out of true splendor. Calling it a gorgeous would indeed be an understatement. When we mentioned 4-Sided Edge Display, we meant a true bezel-less display which stretches corner to corner and would attract the eyes of a large chunk of consumers. What’s remarkable about this particular cellphone, however, is that while today’s flagships still have small (but noticeable) bezels, the Xiaomi design is completely free of bezels. Instead, the display has a beveled design on all four sides that blend in to conform to the body of the smartphone.

It is for sure that as soon as this new Xiaomi Phone (though the proper name hasn’t yet come in contact) sets its foot in the market, the sales would go up like madness and the market would go bonkers.

Although right now we aren’t quite sure about how fragile it would be and how the back covers for its safety would be designed, of course, the company must have thought of all these aspects way before the makers devoted themselves in its manufacture. So, this shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Of course, the screen isn’t the only worth noticing feature about this new Xiaomi phone –it features a far more compelling dual camera setup at its rear-end too. Though we are left to make assumptions about its front camera, as far as our guess goes, it might be present under the screen.

Xiaomi smartphone

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Having no button on the screen contributes more to the thinness of the phone and its sleekness. There are so many features of this new Xiaomi phone that are still unknown, and we can only wait for them to surface and bamboozle us with their extent of advancement.

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