Meet The New Vivo Sub-Brand IQOO With First Foldable Smartphone

February 18, 2019

The most popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer has recently announced its new sub-brand called IQOO. To recall, Vivo is the sister company to Oppo that itself has two sub-brands- Realme and Poco. As for now, it is completely unclear of what part of the market will these new sub-brand smartphones will take on. However, reports claim that the smartphone under this category will be of premium range and also suggest to be gaming devices. The teaser released online did not mention anything of what IQOO stands for. Although if we guess, IQOO could be spelled out as “IQ” with the double OO remaining silent.

All the reports rendered indicate many exciting things about the IQOO smartphone. Especially, now that we are into 2019, all eyes are towards the foldable smartphones. Almost all the popular manufacturers including Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, and even the new sub-brand IQOO is trying to introduce the first-ever foldable smartphone. In fact, the Vivo sub-brand IQOO is leading the race as it has already created such a smartphone and is about to unveil it in the near future. While we are still deciphering of what the IQOO could be, it has gone ahead and revealed its first smartphone images over the internet.

foldable smartphone

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According to the IQOO images posted on the popular Chinese website Weibo, the first IQOO smartphone will be the foldable smartphone that is ought to create a trend for the future. All the renders revealed look pretty simple. The IQOO foldable smartphone will be the device that is capable enough to fold outwards so as to become a tablet. It looks almost similar to the Samsung foldable smartphone that was revealed online in one of the marketing video on Samsung Vietnam website. There are two screens that can fold outwards in order to become a single bigger screen. Once the task is accomplished, the screen can fold back like a notebook and looks out like a dual-display smartphone. When the IQOO smartphone is displayed, you will see the device with a screen that doubles its original size and comes without any bezels.

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There are no more details specified about the IQOO foldable smartphone. Vivo just released the new brand IQOO alongside a teaser and revealed some images that suggest the presence of such smartphone. is the official website of Vivo new sub-brand. But there doesn’t exist any information about the handset yet. Taking about the foldable smartphone, the images revealed are just the renders with no noticeable ports or buttons. This suggests the alleged IQOO foldable smartphone to sport either the APEX like design with no ports or buttons, or it could look exactly similar to the one that we are seeing now. There is even a chance for the company to prefer a completely different final design before its launch into the market. Ahead of this IQOO foldable smartphone, we may probably find the folding smartphone from Huawei that is likely to unveil at the most popular MWC event.

foldable smartphone

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