Top 5 Media Player for Windows 10

September 24, 2019

Though the media player that comes in with the PC or Mac does a great job, still people look after for an external media player application. As there exists multiple media player for Windows 10, it is quite tedious to choose the right one. Moreover, the advanced technology is resulting in many new formats, and not all the media players support all sizes. So, while choosing the best Windows 10 media player, several features need to be considered. It should be lightweight, free, and multitasking should not be a concern while watching a video. Considering all these features, here we have listed out some of the best media players, Windows 10 PC.

VLC Media Player

When thinking of the media player online, the first thing that runs our mind is the VLC Media player. It is the best open-source media player for Windows 10, highly portable and supports almost all the audio/video formats. The best part of this open-source cross-platform is that it is lightweight and features users with different control options thus making it easier to navigate through. With its existence since 1996, the VLC Media player is quite famous for Its multitude of features. Despite the old software, the VLC player receives continuous updates which makes it even better every day. One of the first media players that supports 360-degree video. Its numerous features, user-friendly interface, fantastic performance, and support for multiple formats makes the VLC media player top the list of best Windows 10 media player.

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5K Media Player

Despite the new entry, the media player that matches up the latest trend and requirements is a 5K player. Considering the competition that we are in, it is quite challenging to stand ahead of the crowd. However, the 5K player made it to the top list with its numerous innovative features. One such feature to talk about is the Apple AirPlay support. It is quite interesting to find the media player that renders its support for both Mac and Windows OS. If you want to enjoy the latest features such as the support for hardware acceleration which is powered by NVIDIA, and INTEL, then there is nothing better than 5K Player. It is capable enough to play formats such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, and APE. Also, there is a feasibility to download videos from popular online services such as YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. When used for the first time, it might seem a bit difficult in exploring hardware. However, once you get accustomed to the software, you will enjoy every feature without any issue.

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POT Player

The video player that can compete with the likes of a VLC Media player is a POT player. Based on South Korea, this application shares a lot of standard features with VLC. It offers similar lightweight media experience with support for multiple file formats. Make use of the different filters and keyboard shortcuts available to enhance the experience with the POT player. It is open-source software that comes in with a pretty clean UI which makes it easier to use. As in VLC, there is a feature of a built-in video editor that lets to do some tweaks to videos. Additionally, it does not require any advanced hardware resources to run, which makes it a suitable option for Windows 10/8/7. Well! The list of features goes on. The attractive interface along with better audio performance make the POT player one of the best video player for Windows 10. Moreover, everything specified comes in for free, which makes it the must-have video player.

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media player

Kodi Player

Here is another most famous and old music video player to choose. Yes! You may have heard of the term Kodi. It lets to personalize the music just as you want it to be with ease. The features included making it the fan-favorite for many. It is one of the oldest media players that is compatible with the Windows platform. You can either use it on a laptop or a desktop, and it lets to have a great media center experience with the customization options available. This freemium player offers a high-quality user interface with multiple codec support, support for add-ons to enhance the overall experience. Kodi can play all the popular video and audio formats. Other notable features of Kodi includes support for the full range of remote controls, the ability to download movies, posters, and the ability to expand its functions using the plug-ins. If you are worried about the critical content on your device, then Kodi can help to organize media neatly. So, the free media player has everything that you are looking for, thus making worth enough to download.

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The final entry to our list of top media players for Windows 10 is KMPlayer. The KMPlayer for Windows is an open-source, lightweight media player that is suitable enough for those looking to have a hassle-free experience. Along with this, it offers some decent features which make it worth considering. Despite being the oldest media player, still, it is given out with all those latest features. It renders support for the video playback of high resolution such as QHD and UHD.

media player

Moreover, KMPlayer does not demand powerful hardware resources. With the necessary supplies, this media player can let to have significant media experience. It is one of the top-rated media players for being a simple, easy to use interface, the support for almost all formats and of course nil pricetag. One of the essential features that make KMPlayer different from others is the support for H.264/H.265 UHD videos. This free media player comes in with its internal codec, which makes it render support for the formats such as MPEG1, MPEG 2, OGG, WMA, AAC, etc. Moreover, the user also gets the option to edit subtitles in a user-friendly environment.

So, which media player for Windows 10 is suitable for you? Which one seems to be more advantageous while listening to music or watching a video?

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