Magic Leap One AR Glasses Release Date, Price And Features

June 11, 2018

Post several rumors and teases, the Magic Leap One AR glasses are finally unveiled. So much has been told till now about the Magic Leap that it will be launched alongside the Microsoft’s Hololens headset. But Microsoft has already introduced it some time ago, and now is the turn of Magic Leap One. This new futuristic pair of augmented reality headset looks almost similar to the regular goggles and is said to include advanced features like tracking, wireless operation as well as processing to mention a few. As per the company, this is the future of all devices be it a smartphone, wearable or any other, whose functions are all distilled in this single headset. But there is more to the headset than what we just see or listen about it. Hence, let us find out more about the device and know what the futuristic device is like.

Magic Leap One Features & Specifications:

The key reason for introducing the Magic Leap One in Dubai is to offer individuals an experience of both real and virtual worlds like never before. There are many factors that set it apart from other AR devices like its ability to create lifelike digital objects, detects physical location, picks up objects, surfaces and even remodels them digitally, thus making the digital objects interact with the physical world. With the Magic Leap One in UAE, users can actually customize the augmented view by creating and mounting the virtual displays whenever required. It is designed to mimic the real world and offer intensity mapping in order to provide visuals and sounds as in real life. There are a few components offered with this augmented reality headset, which include Lightwear goggles, Lightpack computing platform, and a controller.

Lightwear Goggles:

This brand new AR glass has a camera fitted on it. This one makes use of lightfield photonics to create digital light and combines with natural light seamlessly to produce digital objects that look natural. Hence, this way it increases comfort levels for users, thus making them wear it for a longer time. Besides, the company is also trying to expand the field of view in its glasses. As the device is pitched higher on the back, it evenly distributes the weight.



In addition to this, there are a few more details revealed of the AR glasses like its eye tracking feature. This aspect is useful to track where you are looking and uses your gaze to control the experience. Moreover, it also makes use of gesture controls, head posing as well as voice commands. There is also a built-in audio present in the headband, thus allowing to connect your headphones to the auxiliary port.

Lightpack Computing Platform:

Another key aspect of the Magic Leap One device is the lightpack computing platform that fits in one’s pocket and grasps on to the user’s clothing. It includes an optional strap that provides additional grip to hold on. This lightpack comes with a power button to switch the device on. There is also a puck-shaped disc where the high-powered processing takes place. Unlike other AR headsets, this one doesn’t have a cable.



Next is the controller through which you can interact with the virtual world. This controller acts just like a remote that includes buttons, six degrees of freedom motion sensing and a touchpad. Apart from these, it also features haptic feedback. Also, this controller resembles that of the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View as well as Oculus Go headset controllers.


Magic Leap One Launch Date In UAE:

Having been in the development stage for almost five years now, rumors suggest that the Magic Leap One launch date in UAE will mostly be in this year.

Magic Leap One Price In UAE:

Speculations state that the Magic Leap One price in Dubai will match up with the price of high-end smartphones and tablets. On that basis, the Magic Leap One price in UAE is estimated to be around AED 5500.

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