Google Introduces Two Awesome Apps- Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier

February 6, 2019

Good news from Google especially for those suffering from the hearing impairment! With a goal to help such people in having a conversation using a smartphone, the great search giant introduced two new interesting apps called as- Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier. Both these apps are available for download on Android smartphones. The names itself explain pretty well about these awesome apps. These apps promise to make their life much easier and better as it allows to better understand participants and allows to communicate in a transparent way. This is likely to be brought in with the Android Pie update. Currently, it is in the testing phase on Google Play store and will initially make its way to Google Pixel 3 users with the next update.

Live Transcribe

As the name suggests, Live Transcribe is an app that transcribes the message and enables the deaf people to understand the content. In simple terms, it acts as a voice to text converter wherein the words in the message are kept on the easy to read black screen using specific speech recognition technique. It is available in around 70 languages and even enables to have a conversation via a type-back keyboard. Just open the app and it automatically starts to transcribe the received words thus making it easier to use the application instantly. Google claims that all the transcribed conversations are stored in the smartphone and not in the Google servers thus ensuring privacy and security. This new feature is powered by Google cloud and is being developed with the assistance of Gallaudet University, which is the world’s only university designed for the needs of hearing-impaired students. Live Transcribe should work on all Android devices running on Android 5.0 or higher version. Just toggle the Live transcribe option from the accessibility settings to get the feature activated. Though this app is currently in testing phase, still any user can access this app. Android also have multiple Music App for download where you can find out the latest Andriod App.

Google apps
Google apps

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Sound Amplifier

Another awesome app to talk about is Sound Amplifier. In fact, this app works as a hearing aid as it allows users to adjust the Android audio settings and make it more clear and audible. This is quite helpful for those users who are suffering from partial hearing loss. Apart from amplifying the sound, the Sound Amplifier also allows tweaking the headphone settings such as adjusting the intensity of audio boost, control noise reduction and even tune the overall sound quality. One can adjust the level of amplification using sliders. Even, it allows expanding the audio frequencies of those content that needs more attention. It will be a part of Android especially on the Nexus devices and for the remaining smartphones, it needs to be downloaded as an independent app. The user can access this feature through the accessibility menu. To access or download the app, the Android device should run on the latest Android Pie operating system. And it can be used only with the wired headphones. The total size of this application is 3.1MB and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Google apps

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