Live the Wild Life on Minecraft

April 11, 2016

Remember the yesteryears when one could allow their kids to play video games without having to worry about them getting corrupted in any way? Innocent games like Mario, Pacman, Donkey Kong and the sort were considered an excellent way to keep them occupied whilst you go about your daily chores, or on an especially rainy day.

Well, that’s pretty much non-existent these days, with the gaming world being taken over by first-person shooter games, games revolving around stealing others’ vehicles, or even those that use scare tactics to keep the gamer on edge at all times. Blood, gore and violence pretty much goes hand-in-hand with video games now. Which is why Minecraft comes as a refreshing change, for parents especially, as it’s got none of those.

Minecraft has managed to sway the violence-hungry audience, and have them spend hours on end exploring and creating a world of their own, online. It’s like you’re Tom Hanks in Cast Away, minus the plane crash and volleyball friend.

mieThe goal in Minecraft is simple- Survive. You have nothing to work with. Your job is to collect resources, and craft weapons and other accessories to help you create your world, and also to fight off the monsters that come out at night to get you. The game follows a day and night pattern, with each day lasting for around 20 minutes. You can spend your day exploring the 3D world you’ve landed in, collect food by killing sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens, and other resources to help you survive, and creating items to make your life easier on Minecraft. Come night, and out pops the spiders, zombies, and skeletons, who attack you mercilessly till you’re dead and out of the game, unless you defend yourself with your crafted bows and swords. You also have the occasional Creeper who blows himself up to kill you instantly, and the Endermen who shows-up unexpectedly, and attacks with all his might when provoked or stared at for too long.

While the killing and attacking is commonplace in Minecraft, there’s no blood and gore to make it brutal. Think of it as kids swatting at each other when pretending to fight. That’s as far as it goes. It’s clean, it’s fun, it hones your creativity, and it teaches you to prioritize well in order to survive.

There’s nothing creepy about it, unless odd noises spook you out. You know there’s a zombie nearby when you hear a distinct moan, or spiders when your ears pick up the faint sound of scuttling legs. The only problem is, you can’t place the noise unless it’s really close. Is it behind you? How close is it? Is it waiting to pounce at the next turn? You never know until there’s only enough time left to attack in order to escape from their clutches. It’s nerve-wracking but it’s good, clean fun.

Minecraft is ideal if your kids are into gaming, and you’d like to introduce them to something that’s entertaining, and doesn’t require you to keep a close watch on them whilst they play. So, whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, they got good grades, or you just want to surprise them with a little something, get them the Minecraft CD today along with a Sony PlayStation 4, both of which are available on offer on our shopping website. Hurry, if you want to get them at the best prices yet, or before it’s completely sold out. It’s worth rushing for.

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