Little Secrets About The Apple Watch

November 7, 2016

No longer are watches created for the sole purpose of helping you tell time, with each tick reminding you of just how late you are to get to places. With Smartwatches gracing the world with their presence, a whole new world of possibilities was born. Apart from telling time, you can check your emails, make and receive calls, track your fitness regime, make payments, set reminders, listen to music, get directions, and so much more.

Here’s a list of some of the activities possible with an Apple Watch, that you may or may not have heard of yet, once you’ve set it up and paired it with your iPhone. So if you’re planning on purchasing one, or have already done so, read on to learn some neat tips and tricks that you can do with an Apple Watch.


♦ The Digital Crown on the side of the watch works as a scroll wheel and a home button. Push it till it clicks, and the screen will display a grid of all your apps. Click again and you’re back to the watch face, and this is applicable even when you’re on an app.

♦ There’s Siri to the rescue. Press and hold the digital crown, and Siri will listen to what you have to say. You can ask Siri questions, get directions around town, send messages, set reminders, or open apps by voice command.

♦ Capture screenshots on your Apple Watch by pressing and holding the flat button on the side of the watch. And while doing so quickly tap on the Digital Crown. When you see a flash, and hear the sound of a camera shutter, you know you’ve been successful. You can view the screenshot on your iPhone’s Photo app.

♦ Show off your tech-savvy side by controlling presentations with your Apple Watch. You can start, navigate, and end a presentation through your watch.

The Flat button on the side (next to the crown) serves multiple purposes. It functions as a Power button where if you press and hold, three options will pop up- You can turn it off completely, lock it, or switch to Power Reserve mode. You can also make calls or send messages directly to your listed favorite contacts, by clicking on the flat button to view the list and picking your preferred means of contact. Another function possible is to toggle between apps by double clicking on the button.

It even allows you to make quick payments. When you double click on the button, a small icon for your credit card pops up. Place your watch close to an Apple Pay-ready card terminal, and Voila! Your purchases are paid for instantly. As long as the watch is on your wrist, it won’t even ask for your Touch ID or Password.

♦ If you’re expecting an important mail from someone, simply click on Notify Me in the mail on your iPhone. By doing so Apple Watch will notify you when you receive an email.

♦ To reply to messages through the watch, you can create preset responses through the iPhones Apple Watch app. You can use these responses through your watch, whenever you want to reply to an iMessage.


♦ You can tweak Emojis to suit your response and preference. By spinning the Digital Crown, the big smiley that first pops up morphs to express various other emotions. You can even press down on it to change the skin tone.

♦ If your watch starts ringing in a no-phone zone, you can silence your watch by simply placing your hand over it, and holding it there for a few seconds.

♦ If you’ve received a call on your watch, but want to switch the call to the iPhone mid-conversation, all you need to do is tap on the green bar that’s displayed on the top of your iPhone screen. The green bar shows your in-progress call. By tapping on it, you can easily switch the call to your iPhone with nary a hiccup.

♦ It has a pressure sensitive touchscreen. In other words, apart from swiping and tapping on the screen to perform various activities, the watch will also respond when you press down hard. Different apps respond to the force-press in different ways. For example, in Maps you can search for a particular location. In Music it opens Shuffle and other features. And on the watch face, it displays an array of customization options. You can try and force-press on all your apps to see what pops up. It’ll bring up something new and useful, and if not you can simply click on the crown and exit the app.

♦ By swiping down on the watch face, you can view a list of notifications. Through this you can view app notifications, calls you missed, messages, and more. To open the message, you can click on it, or you can swipe it all away if you want to clear out the list.

♦ Apple has a wonderfully handy feature called Glances. It offers tidbits of information from various apps on your watch, at the same place. You can view Glances by swiping up on your watch face. By swiping right or left, you can flip through the list. And if you’d like to open the app, then simply tap it to open.touchscreen

♦ Apple Watch users are a part of an exclusive group who can communicate with each other using special tools called Digital Touch. How can you do so? It’s easy. If you know someone else who also owns an Apple Watch you need to first open the contact through the favorite friends list, by tapping on the flat button on the side. When the contact pops up, tap on the tiny pointing-hand icon beneath their name. The screen goes blank, and you can now reach out to them using some unique tools, like Doodle, Tap, and Heartbeat.

Doodle lets you draw on the screen with your finger, and the doodle’s sent to the other person. With Tap a series of taps can be send to the other person, in the same speed and pattern that you tapped it out in. And Heartbeat records your heartbeat when you press down on the screen with two fingers. This is then send out to the other person, which is quite the intimate gesture.

♦ If you’ve accidentally forgotten your iPhone at home, worry not. With the Apple Watch on you, you can check missed calls, listen to voice mails, and read earlier-sent text messages.

This is just a tip of the iceberg, with tons more features to explore and have fun with. You can even customize its appearance by swapping bands, as Apple has an eclectic collection of fantastic watch bands to pick from. The Apple Watch is the complete package. It’s ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing, it’s super-efficient, and it makes life so much easier. And if you’re not up for the smart life yet, at least it’s a cool little gadget to tell time with.

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