LG Working On A Foldable Phone; Patent Reveals

July 5, 2018

Curved and bezel-less phones have become the thing of the past. Right now, foldable phones are trending in the mobile industry. In the recent times, we have been learning about different smartphone brands working on foldable phones. Among them includes the Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE and a few others. Now the other brand to join the bandwagon is LG. The South Korean company is now becoming a part of the group of tech giants, who have also filed patents and designs for their forthcoming foldable handsets.

As per the sources, the company has already filed a patent for a smartphone that is not named yet. Besides, the brand also believes that foldable smartphones will no longer be a concept and these will be the phones of the future. LG filed this patent last year in July, but the news has now surfaced online. It is the same year when the brand has also released two of its popular devices, LG V30 Plus and LG G6 Plus. Reports also state that LG’s competitors including ZTE, Apple, and Samsung have already submitted patents for their upcoming foldable smartphones.

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LG Foldable Phone Rumored Features:

In the patent filing, LG had submitted two concepts, which are termed as ‘smartphones with flexible displays that can be folded in half.’ Even one of the images of the LG upcoming smartphone can be unfolded to turn it into a hybrid tablet. Based on the images, the device seems to sport dual camera lenses in the rear. When it is folded, the front profile will display all the information on the front screen including details such as time, date and other notifications. It is rumored that the popular LG’s always-on display technology might be used for this foldable phone as well. This technology helps to look at all the notifications without even the need of touching the display.

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On the other hand, there is another prototype relating to the LG foldable phone. In this prototype, the handset is designed in a way that the display can be moved to the side to reveal a transparent screen, which gives out time and date details. But this can be done only when the handset is folded.

A few reports are stating that Samsung’s concept phone might fold vertically unlike other concepts, which fold horizontally. Meanwhile, the LG concept phone patent discloses that it has chosen a new hinge mechanism, which allows folding the screen in different angles. In addition to this, it will also help to prevent any damages to the screen. Moreover, it also includes two magnets on the screen’s bezels, which help to hold the displays in place.

As for the functionalities, the patents indicate that the LG phone will look just like a flip phone. When not folded, the screen will turn on automatically and turns off automatically when turned off. Besides this, the concept phone may also come packed with two speakers, two antennas as well as two microphones. Most probably, these features will be placed under the display.

Learn about LG upcoming smartphone, LG foldable phone, LG foldable phone release date, LG foldable phone price in UAE and LG concept phone

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LG Foldable Phone Released Date & Price In UAE:

As of now, there is no news or announcement from the company about the LG foldable phone release date in UAE. Looks like, the brand might take steady and careful steps at the time of launching this handset. Right now, the information about LG foldable phone price in UAE is also not available as it is a concept, and the device is yet to go official.

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