Lenovo’s First Folding Smartphone Concept Revealed

April 15, 2019

After the long screens and notch designs, almost all the companies in the mobile industry are now after the foldable smartphones. Already a few brands like Samsung and Huawei have introduced folding phone concepts. Huawei brought in the Mate X, while Samsung came up with the Galaxy Fold. Now, the next-in-line brand is Lenovo, which has revealed its folding smartphone concept just recently. Reports also suggest that the brand is very much likely to launch this device in the days ahead. Hence, let us now get into the details and know more about this handset.

Lenovo Folding Smartphone – Details:

Unlike Samsung and Huawei’s foldable phones, this concept is a way more different, and unique. A look at the renders of the phone over the internet indeed makes everyone believe that it is shares less or no resemblance with any of the devices available out there in the phone market. Even if we consider the foldable handset designs that were leaked from companies like Oppo and Xiaomi, it seems like Lenovo is on its own route, separating even from its subsidiary brand Motorola, which is likely to release the RAZR phone sometime this summer.

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According to a new patent that came out online, Lenovo will probably consider the clamshell design since it won’t give the vertical book-like fold as in other devices like Samsung Galaxy Fold. In this type of design, the bottom part of the device will curl up when it is closed and reveals the secondary screen. The patent has disclosed all these images and revelations about the design. Reportedly, this patent was said to be filed last year and includes a number of sketches, thus showcasing a foldable device with a flexible hinge.


However, this is probably not the first phone from the brand with folding design. Back in 2016 also, the brand has revealed a prototype of a foldable phone that comes to the siz

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