Lenovo Smart Display Price, Specification and Release date

December 8, 2018

As the technology is bringing new innovations and gadgets into our lives the smart assistant at home has become popular and a must needed a device at home. The year 2018 was, fortunately, a year in which some great smart voice assistants have been released with the superior features and design. In the list of these assistants another addition is been done by Lenovo, however, Google has decided to bring its voice assistant and screen with the collaboration of the third party and as a result, we are able to see Lenovo Smart Display.  The evolution has turned the smart speakers into smart displays as we can see the new arrivals of the Facebook Portals and Google Home Hub in 2018 along with that the introduction of Lenovo Smart Display in Dubai which is a pleasant thing as the competition and options for the potential customers are rising up.

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Lenovo Smart Display

Design and Display:

One of the appealing and attracting elements is the sharp design which is being streamlined and minimalistic. The overall Lenovo Smart Display in UAE drops the vibes of a tablet arranged up with a case. Furthermore, there are two models an eight-inch model has a plain white trim and a soft grey color on the back, while the 10-inch model has a white trim with a bamboo-like texture at the rear whereas, a speaker is fixed on the front left of the device. It can be set either horizontally or vertically both positions with respect to the preference conversely the Google Duo phone calls feature functions only in portrait mode for now. The 10-inch model of the Lenovo Smart Display in Dubai renders a body which looks huge but it is not bulky moreover the resolution of the 8-inch screen is HD 1,280 x 800 while the 10-inch screen is FHD 1,920 x 1,200 results into the vivid and incredible screen display. The physical appearance comprises of a volume button, a mic and a camera with it’s on and off buttons.

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Lenovo Smart Display


The smart devices are turning as an essential source of little tasks and communication while just sitting on a couch or doing the daily chores. With respect to that, the Lenovo Smart Display price in Dubai is reasonable as per the features and specifications it promises. It has a Qualcomm Home Hub Platform with the base of Snapdragon 624, Octa-Core processor supported with the 2GB RAM, however, the 5MP wide-angle front camera and 10W full range speakers are the ultimately resourceful and utilitarian elements packed into it.

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Lenovo Smart Display


The Lenovo Smart Display is as similar to the Google Home or Google Home Mini but the screen display attached with it makes things feasible and easy to understand hence the functionality is also as same to the Google Assistant. The main features include customize the home screen with pictures from Google Photos or choose digital and analog clock modes, just for brightness or sound control, connect apps with smart home devices and streaming music will let turn smart lights on or off by using your voice, additionally connect to Spotify and Pandora accounts as well.  One of the interesting things is you can customize the routine task on different commands for instance on “Hey Google, good morning,” it can turn on the lights, remind you the daily schedule list, update you about weather and play the latest news of the day subsequently the audio speaker can enlighten the room with music during the party sessions or can play the videos. Lenovo Smart Display in UAE could be the best home assistant as it is light in weight, reasonable in price and power packed with exceptional features.  It also possesses a Privacy Shutter button which turns off the mic and camera to safeguard your privacy consequently it has a number of apps to help you control the smart home devices from kitchen appliance to the security doors.

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Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display Price in Dubai:

Lenovo Smart Display price in UAE is set according to the size of the device, the 8-inch is around 150 USD that is 550 AED and the 10-inch is around 200 USD that is 750 AED.

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Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display Release Date in Dubai:

This smart display is already released and easily available in UAE, it can also order online through the official Lenovo site. With high such competition and integration of the screen display in the smart devices, there are still some users who prefer Google Home Mini Speaker,  Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker and Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Speaker because of privacy concerns as these devices are camera-less, mini and affordable.

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