Lenovo To Introduce A Laptop With Flexible & Foldable Display

June 14, 2018

After the curved and foldable screens of smartphones looks-like it is now the turn of laptops to get similar features. The reason for this statement is Lenovo in an event, has shown off a concept of its new laptop recently that boasts a flexible as well as the foldable display screen. A glance at the laptop indeed makes the onlookers believe that it is a device from the future.

Lenovo Laptop Concept Rumored Features & Specifications:

The company has filed a patent with WIPO for its new device that sports a flexible display featuring multiple viewing regions. Although the patent was published long back, it came to light in the recent times.

The patent includes a few pictures that reveal a laptop featuring a flexible OLED display. This screen is said to be folded or unfolded to either one or both the sides as required. In addition, it is also designed in a way that users can even bend it upwards to make it two times bigger when compared to other laptops in UAE market. Not just that, but the patent also shows that the screen can be folded even backward, thus allowing it to create 360-degree images.

lenovo laptop

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An image of the Lenovo flexible screen laptop is already trending on the company’s official Twitter account and is being called as the future of personalized computing. Interestingly, the device folds in all the ways even without featuring a hinge. Talking about the screen, the company has mentioned that they have used advanced materials with new screen technologies to develop it in a unique way. It is also stated that the laptop screen will be always on and will be always connected.

Moreover, a built-in keyboard is also offered along with the device and features the signature ThinkPad pointing stick as well. Most possible, it won’t get a trackpad and instead, will use voice commands by the user to input mouse commands and others. The voice command feature is said to be supported by the advanced artificial intelligence that functions as a digital assistant.

Apart from these, there will be a stylus offered with the upcoming laptop. The stylus looks almost similar to that of a pencil that enables users to write on the screen. Also, at the bottom of the laptop, there is a flat mouse wheel as well as right and left buttons located.This proven that this laptop is going to be one of the best lenovo laptops in Dubai.

Meanwhile, sources are also indicating that the concept of new flexible display revealed by Lenovo is not absolutely new. A few years ago, some reports have mentioned devices sporting flexible screens. It was then when Samsung has mentioned the use of Graphene material, which might help progress with the latest technology for smartphones. Even LG has also revealed its 18-inch television screen that can be rolled up. But lately, there are a few smartphones launched with the similar feature. For instance, there is the ZTE Axon M, a foldable smartphone with dual screens. But what’s interesting is now the advanced technology is being used even for laptops, thus creating another device with a futuristic design.

lenovo laptop

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Lenovo Laptop Concept Release Date & Price In UAE:

This concept of Lenovo laptop foldable display is a new concept from the brand that still has to go through the development stage. Until the product is ready and for sale, we will just have to wait for the Lenovo laptop release date in UAE as well as Lenovo laptop price in UAE details along with information related to its hardware and other aspects.

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