Lenovo is rumored to launch its first foldable tablet

October 18, 2018

Lenovo never fails to impress with the innovation and technological advancement it brings. It is a Chinese giant yet it is famous for the reliability and credibility of its devices. Well, the Lenovo bendable smartphone rumours are already creating the hype with the name of the C-Plus phone as the Lenovo has already showcased the bendable smartphone prototype whereas from another tech giant LG a foldable or rolling screen as a television is also in news since very long. But what has grabbed the attention recently is that Lenovo is about to launch its first foldable tablet in collaboration with the LG Displays very soon.

Lenovo First Foldable Tablet

Lenovo First Foldable Tablet Design and Display:

It is rumoured that Lenovo and LG Display are working together for one of the innovative and novel tablets as LG Display has the expertise in the screen modifications and enhancement, the rumoured Lenovo foldable tablet in UAE is expected to release with 13 inches display screen on opening and when it is folded it would be about 8 to 9 inches. These all speculations are floating from South Korea whereas; any of the confirmation is not made by Lenovo or LG Displays.  Moreover, at the Lenovo’s Tech World conference at San Francisco in 2017, the company showed off Folio, a fully-functional prototype with a flexible screen that allows it to transform from a smartphone-sized mobile device to a larger tablet and we could expect that same device as the first foldable tablet by Lenovo as well.

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lenovo CPlus

Lenovo Foldable Tablet Specifications:

We trust Lenovo because of its continuous efforts of bringing exceptional devices whether it is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Lenovo knows how to satisfy its customers with the ultimate incredible specifications. There are not many details being leaked about the Lenovo foldable tablet as it is a non-disclosure agreement between LG Display and Lenovo so there are no updates about the specifications of the foldable tablet yet and no confirmation whether it is going to be a Windows tablet or Android tablet. This news is also circulating in the market that LG Display is also willing to sell the same 13-inch foldable panel to Dell and LG Electronics too.

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Lenovo foldable tablet

Lenovo Foldable Tablet Release Date in Dubai:

Well, it is being also discussed that nothing is assured about the Lenovo foldable tablet from its specifications to its release date but it has been speculated by the market experts that Lenovo first tablet might be unveiled officially in the second half of the next year which is 2019.

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Lenovo First Foldable Tablet Price in Dubai:

Lenovo first foldable tablet is expected to be a premium device and it is considered to be having a high or steep price tag. There is no estimated price for this tablet as there are no earlier versions to speculate the Lenovo first foldable tablet price in UAE.

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