Lenovo Cplus Bendable Phone Concept, Release Date, Specs and Price

September 25, 2018

The flexible Android smartphone concept is just like a dream come true for many Android fans. Until now we got to hear several rumors about the bendable phone that comes in with a flexible form factor such that it can be wrapped around the wrist. In fact, it resembles a giant smartwatch. Sounds amazing! But, till now we never got to see such innovative bendable phone. In 2016, at the TechWorld Conference, Lenovo showed off the device with such a concept. It revealed the concept smartphone by the name Lenovo Cplus. Before this model being unveiled, even there are some other manufacturers spotted filing a patent for 4.26-inches flexible AMOLED display. The Lenovo Cplus bendable phone resembles the same but with a little bigger screen of 4.35-inches. Though it is incredibly far from reality, still let us have a closer look of Lenovo Cplus release date, concept, specs, and price.

Lenovo Cplus Release Date

At the World Conference, the popular Chinese company showed off the jaw-dropping bendable phone Lenovo Cplus along with a foldable tablet Folio. It is in plans to unveil these two innovative devices in the near future. The exact Lenovo Cplus release date is not yet confirmed. However, we believe that it will definitely take a few more years to get the imaginative feature into reality. Let us hope for the Lenovo Cplus bendable phone to reach us at least by 2020. Check here for Lenovo Yoga C360 specifications and features.

Lenovo Cplus

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Lenovo Cplus Rumors, Specs, and News

The Lenovo Cplus that is in rumors since many years is likely to sport a 4.26-inches flexible OLED display. It runs on the Android OS and will be available in 12 different attractive shades. Though it is a bit challenging to integrate replace inflexible components with the flexible, still the Chinese company is trying to achieve the same. The Cplus bendable phone will run on a customized version of Android and will get an embedded SIM card. It is further speculated to get a ‘wrist micro motion-triggered camera’ that can capture picture and videos while in wearable mode. Few rumors suggest that the Lenovo Cplus is not meant for sale, but we could see similar devices in the near future. Already, Lenovo got huge attention with the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Phablet which the first one to bring in Tango augmented reality technology. Even it showed off the concept image of a flexible laptop. From this, it is quite clear that Lenovo is eager to bring bendable devices into the market very soon.

Lenovo Cplus

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Lenovo Cplus Bendable Phone Concept

So, get ready to experience working with the bendable phones! Yes! Lenovo is ought to release a new Android smartphone Lenovo Cplus with the flexible OLED display that can foldable and wrapped around the wrist just like a wristwatch. Though it is just a prototype when introduced, the rumors suggest that it is already in works to produce such a flexible and foldable display. Well! One thing runs our mind is why do we actually need the bendable phone? The first reason would be, the flexible/foldable handsets are visually cool and are portable to carry around. When unfolded it can double the actual size of a screen. Also read iPhone Pro 2019 with Foldable iPhone with flexible display.

This new bendable phone concept will completely change the way of how people carry and use the devices thus making to navigate through new ways. Being a futuristic flexible phone, the Lenovo Cplus price in UAE could be expensive and will be available in limited quantities. Lenovo Cplus isn’t the first device to be in rumors with a flexible OLED panel. Several other companies like Samsung, Nokia, and LG are also in works for the bendable or foldable devices. Unfortunately, none of them gave its existence in the market. Samsung is ought to introduce foldable phone this year.

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