LastPass Password Manager Review and Download

August 23, 2018

All you ever need to remember those hectic passwords is LastPass. It is the convenient program to keep all your password details secure thus reducing your stress to memorize them. Manage your passwords effectively with this award-winning password manager. Also get secure access to your account from every PC or mobile with an ease using the LastPass master password. This free password manager tool can be made as an extension to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE and other web browsers. It has the capability to sync all your login credentials thus making it accessible whenever we need them. Being so beneficial in our daily busy life, let us know in detail information about the LastPass Password manager and the process for LastPass free download.

LastPass Password Manager Features

The best free password manager tool is available both in paid and free versions. Depending on your necessity you can stick on to free version or upgrade to paid version of LastPass. Let us see some of the main features of the cloud based LastPass Password manager. The first and foremost feature to discuss about is the password capture. Once you sign up into the new website, it prompts to save the password. Click on yes to save login credentials. In case you have more than one account, you can still store every password in the LastPass account. Another LastPass feature to know about is the ability to capture the signing process. Few websites follow different sign in process, and all this login process is autosaved thus allowing to have auto login the next time when you visit the website.

lastpass password manager

It is recommended to watch tutorials to know more about the LastPass autologin process. Another notable feature to discuss about is password generator. It can customize the password and suggest you the best password for particular website thus making it secure. Customize the password with numbers, alphabets, symbols and size. You need not remember the password, just customize it and save it on the lastpass account. Finally, there is no need to import passwords from other password managers. With the support of several formats, just select import and the file from other password manager. Without your intervention, all the data will be transferred automatically. In case, you wish to export data, LastPass even allows this feature to move passwords to other password managers.

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Minimum System Requirements for LastPass Password Manager Free Download

LastPass remembers all your login information, so you don’t have memorize them all. Before downloading, make sure your system has these minimum requirements to get the LastPass Password manager installed.

– File Size: 262KB
– OS Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

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LastPass Password Manager Download

In the latest generation where technology is being used for every task that we do, people even started to rely on the password manager tool to remember passwords. Almost 81% of breaches happen only due to weak or infact reused password. So, it is quite important to find the best password manager that can let to customize and support in creating a strong and unique password for every account. One such trustwrothy password manager is LastPass. As we already learnt some of the features included in this free password manager tool. Let us look further into how to download and start using the LastPass.

lastpass password manager

Step 1: Get the latest browser extension of LastPass.

Step 2: Download LastPass from the official website. Once downloaded successfully, you will find the LastPass button in the toolbar.

Step 3: Before you start using it, create an account with a long master password. It is advisable to create a memorable password phrase, which could a song lyric, dialogue or any sort of to make it secure.

Step 4: Once you create an account, let LastPass do the task of remembering other passwords. Add sites along with the login credentials to your vault. Save them for future usage. Also, . Customise your Android device further with these 9 tips.

lastpass password manager

Step 5: In case, LastPass finds any reused passwords, it suggests to modify the password. Create a new password and update accordingly.

Step 6: Also use the LastPass on your smartphone. Just download the mobile app, and sign in with the same login credentials as done in the Windows system. All the information is synced thus making it accessible from any device.

lastpass password manager

Download LastPass now, to secure all your details in a digital wallet. Or Instantly create a new password using the online password generator. It prevents online data breaches thus keeping your information safe and secure. Want to unlock Android phone without password? Here are best methods to unlock phone without password.

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  • passwords and pins are the most terrific things to me as i cant remember too many passwords and i cant even note it down as i am concerned but the privacy and security of the apps i use .lastpass password manager was a great rescue to me as i can easily manage too many apps and bookmarks without the problem of forgetting the password.

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