Best Kodi Addons to Download Latest Version of Kodi

October 24, 2018

Commonly known as media center application, Kodi is one of the best digital media player apps to stream movies, Live Sports, TV shows and much more online. The user-friendly interface is another major highlight of this software application as it allows to access digital media with an ease. This award-winning open source platform is a perfect entertainment hub designed to act as a media player in your living room. The official version of Kodi doesn’t feature any content, so you get the feasibility to create your own content from external drives, DVD or any media player. Moreover, it facilitates with best Kodi plugins that when installed provides access to content. The latest version of Kodi is Kodi 17.6 which also called as ‘Krypton’ now brings in with a host of new features and a completely new look. It renders its support to different platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. The best way to get the Kodi download is through the best Kodi Add-ons. After extensive research, here we have listed out some of the best Kodi add-ons that let to download the latest version of Kodi.

Magic Dragon

One of the popular Kodi addons from supremacy repository that lets to have the latest version of Kodi download is Magic Dragon. Currently, this addon is active to download and install on your PC, laptop or smartphone. It is considered to be an excellent source to get any kind of content including music, movies, TV, sport, documentaries and more. Additionally, it has a separate section for 4K movies. After finding the process of how to install Kodi addon and installing it successfully, you will be given out with different options to select directly from the main menu.

latest version of kodi

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Deathstar Kodi Addon

Another must-have Kodi addon that combines many other add-ons into a single place is Deathstar Kodi Addon. Install the Deathstar Kodi addon to get the latest version of Kodi download. This massive offering offers four different groups of Kodi community. In fact, it is a single source for everything that each group is offering individually. After installing this best Kodi addon, you will find different options including WOW, DNA, Devastation, Discovery, M.E.T.V and more. All the submenus are based on developed add-ons and contain a wide range of movies and other popular content to choose from.

latest version of kodi

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Gotham Addon

Gotham Addon is one of the best Kodi addons that works great and is even feature-rich thus enhancing the overall user experience. You can get this addon only from the update supremacy repository. Being a brand new addon to download and install, it boasts different sections for movies, TV shows, and other popular content. This addon works well on the latest version of Kodi 17.6 and even on the Kodi Jarvis. Being a third-party addon, it can installed even using a file manager.

latest version of kodi

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Skynet Addon

The most popular Kodi addon that you must try out on the latest version of Kodi download is Skynet. For all those long time Kodi software application users, this is considered to be one of the best Kodi addons to have it. One of the important reasons for this is the amount of content that it offers. It has gained a huge reputation in streaming the most popular movies, TV shows, and even the 4K ultra-HD movies. In case, you wish to enjoy watching live sport along with movies and TV episodes simultaneously then this the best addon to talk about.

Skynet Addon

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