How To Kill Android Apps Running In The Background?

June 23, 2018

Generally, in most Android devices, applications will continue to run in the background once they are launched. These continue to run even after you close the apps and move to other stuff. But if there are several apps opened simultaneously, you may find the device slowing down a bit. This lag issue crops up when several apps start to consume the RAM of your device.

This might not be a major issue on the latest smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S9 or Google Pixel 2 XL, but the lagging issue in less powerful devices is quite annoying. Hence, users of such phones have to follow certain steps to kill applications running in the background and resolve the issue of phone slow down.

Tips to kill Android apps running in the background:

→ If your phone has started to slow down, the first thing you need to do is to look for the reasons causing this issue. As a long-lasting battery is one of the key aspects of your device, Android operating system normally monitors it. In order to know which factors are draining the battery, just go to the Settings → Battery → Battery Usage. You will notice the frequently used apps at the top of the list. Also, check for any app that you don’t identify with very little battery levels.

battery use

→ With the help of some developer options, it is possible to look at the apps that are taking up more RAM. There are chances that an app might not use much of the device’s battery, but in phones with less RAM, there could be unused apps that still take up a lot of power. To check this, just enable developer options on your phone by going to the settings. Here, you can find out which processes are running and which apps are taking up most of the RAM.

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→ If you have noticed any app that is consuming enough battery or the RAM, try a few ways to solve the issue. One of the ways is by going to developer options and then run services method. Force stopping and uninstalling the app is another method to try. If you have identified which app is consuming additional RAM, then force stop or uninstall it from your device. At times, force stop may lead to a crash, but just rebooting it will make things fine.

force stop

→ One more solution we advice is to limit using the problematic applications. If you like a specific app and prefer to keep it on your phone, then try limiting what it can do. For instance, a few devices from Samsung and Huawei brands include operating system options that manage various apps. In Huawei phones, there is a launch option in battery settings. This option enables to recognize particular apps, restrict and target power saving measures. Similarly, Samsung phones also come with a power saving option. Just take help of certain apps, in case, there is no such built-in option in your handset.

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