iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR Wallpapers

September 17, 2018

After going through several leaks and rumors, finally on September 12 at Gather Round event, Apple unveiled three new Apple smartphones- Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. With the intention to spread out the Apple iPhone X design, the Cupertino company unveiled these three devices into the market. Of these, the Apple iPhone XR being the budget variant with 6.1-inches display and even costs less than the basic variant of Apple iPhone 8 Plus. All those additional features that add up to these handsets give the latest Apple iPhones a great choice. Since you are not getting a new design, at least one can give a new touch by preferring to include iPhone XS wallpaper. As with the other iPhones, even this lineup of smartphones is featured with a bunch of wallpapers

Download Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max Wallpaper

While the Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max are available for pre-order, many are excited to try their hands-on these latest Apple iPhones. Of course! The devices will not be available to ship until a week, so let us take some time to learn of how to download wallpaper for Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. This time we got to see few new wallpapers around that will definitely make you get a kick out of it. Out of the numerous, the three new wallpapers that someone has successfully extracted from iOS are titled “Bubbles”. So, they are live wallpapers that can animate with a single tap on the screen. Here is how to download and set iPhone and iPhone Max wallpapers on your iPhone.

Apple iPhone XS Wallpaper

Step 1: Long-press on the image that you want to download and select either save (for iOS) or Save as (for MacOS) depending on your device.

Step 2: From the Photos app on iOS, open the image.

Step 3: On the lower-left corner, there is a share icon.

Step 4: From here on, select the option of “Use as Wallpaper” and then choose “Perspective”.

Download Apple iPhone XR Wallpaper

Like the Apple iPhone XS Max wallpaper, even the Apple iPhone XR wallpaper depict various colors of bubbles. But, the only thing that makes it different is the Apple iPhone XR wallpapers are not live, rather they are still images. The device will be available for pre-order starting from October 19th and will go on sale from October 26th. Before it ships into the market, let us have a look at the process to download Apple iPhone XR wallpaper.

Apple iPhone XR wallpaper

Step 1: Either right click or long press on the image to download. This directs to the full quality version of the wallpaper.

Step 2: Save it on your device by selecting an appropriate option depending on the device in which you are operated on.

Step 3: On the lower-left corner, tap on share icon and select the option to “use as Wallpaper” and then select “Perspective”. Check here for Apple iPhone XR.

Instead of selecting each image and downloading separately, there is even an option to download all at once in a Zip package. So, just find the trusted link to download or you can download iPhone XS wallpaper from iCloud.

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  • hey nice blog , not just this i got to know more about iphone xs, iphone xs max and iphone xr specifications through different blogs. IPhone XS, IPhone XS Max & IPhone XR Wallpapers are really amazing ,in fact the default wallpaper of these iphones is also amazing , i just loved it .

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