iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS Tips and Tricks

January 22, 2019

Considering the last year Apple iPhone X as a base, the Cupertino company introduced three new smartphones- Apple iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS. Talking about these models, there is very much to learn and start using them in practice. Importantly, the lack of the home button completely changed the way you interact with an Apple iPhone. With the Apple iPhone X, the company introduced the gesture-based navigation system, and the trend continued to go further even in the next generation iPhones. Given that you are spending out a lot of amount of the latest Apple iPhones, we expect to get most out of the handset. So, if you are shifting from the previous version of iPhone to the Apple iPhone XS, XS Max or XR then get ready to master your device with some best iPhone tips and tricks. Let us read further to understand more about some of the best Apple iPhone XS tips and tricks that you must know.

Understand the Gesture Controls

If you are among those who are having the first Apple iPhone without the home button then, you should definitely get used to the gesture controls. One of the most common gestures is to swipe up from the bottom so as to easily switch between the apps. Also, swipe up on a particular app to close it. Swipe down from the center to gain access to notification window. To get the control panel to appear, swipe down from the right side. In order to wake up the phone, simply tap on the screen. By default, this gesture is kept enabled. If in case, you find this feature turn off, then go to settings-→General-→accessibility-→ Enable tap to wake slider.

Apple iPhone XS tips and tricks

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Make Use of Apple Pay

iOS 12 added some new and innovative features to the Apple iPhones. One such additional feature that you must consider trying out is Apple Pay. This allows to easily make payment through your phone. To launch the Apple pay, go to settings-→ Wallet & Apple Pay → Add card. Before you start using it ensure to contact your bank of its accessibility. Once you set up Apple Pay, it is quite easy to use. Double tap on the lock button available on the right end of your device.

Apple iPhone XS tips & tricks

Access New Control Center

Apple has brought in several new changes with the iOS 12. One such new feature to talk about is the control center. The control center allows accessing commonly used utilities instantly. Get access to the control center by swiping down on the right corner of your phone. It ensures to make the commonly used features accessible from the single location. If you want to customize it according to your need then go to settings-→control center-→customize controls. Now, you can add or move controls according to your interest and need.

iPhone XS tips and tricks

Play Around With Animoji and Memoji

Using an Apple iPhone with face ID means you get access to Animoji and Memoji. So, play around with the new Animojis or add your own memoji by navigating through messages-→conversation-→tap on the monkey icon.

Apple iPhone XS tips & tricks

Launch Siri Assistant

Since Apple iPhones do not have a home button, so it becomes mandatory to use the Siri assistant to perform certain tasks with ease. In order to launch the Siri assistance, just press and hold the side button available on the right end. Alternatively, in order to wake up this digital assistant, you can use the term “Hey Siri”.

Apple iPhone XS tips & tricks

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Take Control Over Notifications

With the debut of the new operating system, iOS 12, you gain more control over the notification center. You can avoid getting alerts from certain apps which means they just go straight towards the Notification Center rather than displaying it on the lock screen. To apply this setting, swipe left on the notification-→tap on manage-→ Delivery Quietly.

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Set Up Second Face

For all the latest iPhones, your face is the password to unlock the phone. With the introduction of the Apple 3D face ID technology, people started using this mechanism to lock the device. It has easily replaced the fingerprint scanner within no time. The latest iPhones are now capable to set up a second face to unlock the phone. It can be your partner or any other trusted person. Just navigate through Settings-→ Face ID & Passcode-→ Set up Alternative Appearance.

Apple iPhone XS tips & tricks

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Using Group FaceTime

The latest operating system iOS 12 allows you to participate in the group FaceTime calls with up to 32 people. So, with the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max, you get access to set up a group session using FaceTime. All you need to do is to add contacts that you would like to join. Simply open the app, and input the contact. Within the group chat, you can even start the group FaceTime call by tapping on the initials located at the top of window and tap again on the camera icon. During the call, you can also send text messages, add stickers or even Animojis to your window.

Apple iPhone XS tips & tricks

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Change Depth Effect On Photos

As the new Apple iPhones come in with a dual camera, they have become capable to add in bokeh effects. Changing the bokeh effect or blur effect behind the subject is termed as a depth of field. Open the photo taken in portrait mode, tap edit to adjust the slider by scrolling over it. When you are finished with the editing, tap done.

iPhone XS tips & tricks

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Taking A Screenshot

Almost all the iPhone users are used to tap the power and home button to take a screenshot. This might probably not work on the Apple iPhone XS, XR or XS Max as it doesn’t have a home button. So, to capture a screenshot just tap the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. If necessary make editing to the screenshots and save it to your photos app.

iPhone XS tips & tricks

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Take Advantage of Optical Zoom

It is quite good to see that the affordable Apple iPhone XR has almost similar features as the Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. One such feature from which you can take advantage of is using optical zoom. Go to the camera capture screen and select photo, tap on the 1x button so as to jump to the 2x optical zoom view.


Apple iPhone XS tips & tricks

Here is how to close apps on Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

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