Is Your iPhone Storage Full? How To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

August 17, 2018

Have an iPhone? Then you may have already gone through the problem of short of iPhone storage space? Though there exist several ways to free iPhone storage, still the issue remains to be the same after a while. Yes! Buying an iPhone with the highest storage capacity is definitely a good alternative. But, not all of us can afford to have a costlier iPhone. In such cases, make use of these tips & tricks to free space on iPhone that enhances overall performance. Deleting apps, photos, videos will definitely free space on iPhone. What if all the available data is important? We are here to make it easier for you. Let us look at some of the best ways to free space on iPhone without force deleting necessary data.

Offload unused Applications

Our smartphone is often filled with numerous apps and not all the apps are useful. There are many apps that remain unused for several months. So, take a tour of the iPhone and identify the apps that are unused but still, you need the info stored in it. Also, identify the apps that take up more space and just offload the apps. Offloading will remove the app, still, the documents and other data remain secured. Go to settings-→ General-→ iPhone Storage -→ just tap enables besides offload unused apps.

free space on iPhone

Clear Old Messages

Did you remember when was the last time you cleared text message threads? Daily, we get many messages and they remain on your phone for years taking up more storage space. If you don’t have time to delete all those messages, let the iPhone do it automatically. Just stop the iPhone to save messages. Go to settings -→ messages → “Keep messages” Choose from the options Forever, 1 Year or just 30 days. Also, transfer photos to PC using these simple methods.

Free storage on iPhone

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Review and Delete Any Duplicate Photos

While clicking pictures, there is a possibility to click multiple images to get that perfect click. So, always ensure to review the gallery and clear all those duplicate photos, and videos. Also, make use of the iCloud Photo library to store all the photos to your device. Visit settings-→ photo & camera-→ Turn on iCloud photo library.

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Clear Browser Cache

To ensure the higher performance of the iPhone, it is better to clear browser cache often. This works well to free space on iPhone and at the same time enhances the handset performance.

Free storage on iPhone

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Update To The Latest iOS

The latest update of iOS comes in with additional features. For example, the iOS 10.3 update had a new file storage system that can easily free space on iPhone. Few sources claim that the new feature can provide an extra 7.8GB of space without deleting any file on the device. So, update the software to get additional features.

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Stop Photo Stream

Check if the iPhone photo stream option is enabled. Once this option is turned on, you will see all the photos taken on iPhone, iPad and even those photos uploaded to Mac from a camera. Though they are not of full resolution, still they take up enough space. In order to save that extra space, stop photostream. Whenever required, you can again enable this option.

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Check Video resolution

Always remember that the video that you capture take enough space on your iPhone storage. Especially while recording 4K videos, it takes 400MB space. Try to crunch down the video resolution so as to save ample amount of space. Settings-→ Camera-→ record video-→ select resolution.

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Delete downloaded Music

Every music that you listen and download take up space on iPhone storage. To save space, find all your downloaded songs and delete them. To do so, go to settings-→ General-→ Storage & iCloud Usage-→ Manage Storage. Find Apple music and either delete individual songs or you can select All songs to delete all at once.

Free space on iPhone

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  • saving files and doc in iclouds or google drive is the best way to avoid storage shortage and no need to face any type of issues due to less storage capacity.i always save my photos and important files in google drives and several other cloud apps which helped me in saving most of the storage capacity .by saving in cloud and google drive we can secure and avoid loss of data . Free Up Space On Your IPhone with these methods.

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  • This blog ” Is Your IPhone Storage Full? How To Free Up Space On Your IPhone” is the exact thing i was searching for ,trust me i use a smartphone 64 gb rom but still i come across this issue .i problem is i need too many applications in my smartphone for my daily use.this blog is really perfect . thank you and hope to see more interesting content from your end.

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