iPhone Pro 2019 – Apple’s Foldable iPhone with Flexible Display Concept

September 24, 2018

According to the analysts, the Apple next major design would be the foldable iPhone. Until now, we have heard several leaks and rumors pertaining to Apple foldable iPhone. Now, it is again in the news which is claimed to be called as Apple iPhone Pro. Reports suggest that the Apple is already in works to create such flexible display and it ought to release either in 2019 or 2020.

All We Know So Far About Apple’s Flexible Display

With the latest Apple iPhone X, the tech giant preferred to include OLED displays. And now the foldable concept lead to the necessity of OLED display even for the Apple iPhone Pro. Back in 2016, we have already seen a patent from Apple that shows a foldable device with the OLED display. The concept design was almost similar to the new ZTE Axon M that comes in with a dual screen and when unfolded can be used a single big screen. However, we expect the Apple design to be more innovative and redefined. Few sources suggest that the occurrence of Apple foldable iPhone is quite interesting and exciting. The device when unfolded can be used as an Apple iPad and is claimed to be the next era of smartphones. They not only render bigger displays but also replace tablets. It can be folded down into smaller shapes thus making it portable. Additionally, it is speculated around that the upcoming Apple iPhones will get an advanced hardware that can recognize fingers from distance and be operated without any touch. The inclusion of advanced gesture controls with the use of optimal 3D mapping will be one of the major highlights of the Apple iPhones. If all these rumors are to be true, then the Apple iPhone 2019 flagship will truly be an innovative handset integrated with advanced technology. Even Lenovo and Samsung have introduced their foldable phone concept devices and other companies already filed a patent for the same. Here are five reasons foldable phones will be future of smartphones.

Apple iPhone Pro 2019

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Apple iPhone Pro 2019 Concept

While the foldable display concept still remains a mystery, there are several concept videos that show up how the upcoming foldable iPhones can look like. One such Apple iPhone Pro 2019 concept video made us have a look at the impressive design iPhone with flexible OLED display. It displays the Apple foldable smartphone concept by the name Apple iPad Pro which is ought to be the next generation flagship for 2019. After going bigger with the Apple iPhone XS Max, the alleged Apple iPhone Pro 2019 will turn into reality and thus making it powerful than PC or laptop. The integration of Apple Pencil with the perfect pixel accuracy, allow it to be used anytime. Additionally, the Cupertino company is trying to stand ahead with three pixel rear cameras that can shoot clear pictures even in low light conditions.

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  • is this true ,these days every brand is rumored to be planning a foldable smartphone , samsung, motorola and many other brands too.if apple is also planning for foldable smartphone or ipad ,then its a great news for all iPhone lovers.according to this blog it might be named as iPhone Pro 2019 Apple’s Foldable iPhone. waiting to hear more about iPhone pro 2019.

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