iPhone 2019 Rumors, Release Date, Specs, and Price

December 12, 2018

With the remarkable success of X Series of iPhone, the tech giant is ready to open its wings for another new breakthrough innovation.  This year, iPhone 2019 probably with the name iPhone XI and iPhone 11, is going to mark the chart with this high-end hardware and spectacularly performing camera, grabbing the attention of all users in Dubai with its state-of-the-art design. Let’s dug deeper into the iPhone 2019 specs that have been suggested by different experts based on their analysis.

iPhone 2019 Specifications:

With the exclusive technological enhancement that iPhone follows to bring every year, we expect this glorious handset to bring Intel XMM 8160 5G multimode modem to increase a thriving excitement of iPhone 2019 in Dubai fans with 5G connectivity. The launch of this multimode modem has been expected since the first quarter of 2018, moreover, the striking performance of this 8160 modem will render at up to 6 gigabits per second in order to make it six times faster in speed than the recently launched LTE modems of 2018. According to some analysts, Intel XMM 8160 5G modem will be a one-stop shop to enhance the performance of this magnificent handset with its astounding features that none of the fans of iPhone 2019 in Dubai have experienced before.

iPhone 2019

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Keeping up the trend of bringing out an innovative spark in its new iPhone 2019 smartphone, Apple is expected to come up with advanced AR dual sensors in order to build an interactive learning environment by helping all the gamers experience the best graphic interface in order to get indulged in their gaming world. To quench the thirst of users of iPhone 2019 in Dubai – UAE who are dreading to get comparatively larger display screen than iPhone XR with OLED display, iPhone is rumored to come up with 6.5-inch OLED display probably proceeding to bring all OLED and AMOLED line-up in it’s upcoming and latest Apple smartphones. Moreover, an upgrade to A13 chips from the sole supplier TSMC would be a delightful treat for all its users enhancing the efficiency and effective performance of its chipset to an exponential rate.

Looking over the heart-throbbing TrueDepth feature in its rear-facing camera, iPhone 2019 might come up with a notch design that is minimized to a central location by gracefully crafting the front-facing camera with Face ID sensor and flash in a single centralized module making this dazzling smartphone give a sleek and compact look with minimal bezel. The 3D depth-sensing technology would also be made available in the selfie camera with enhanced Face ID detection by introducing flood illuminator to facilitate you with better and faster detection.  Moreover, Apple 2019 might include Apple Pencil Support to gives a hands-on experience of art and elegance with a pencil-style stylus to make it look astonishing to Apple users in UAE.  Apart from that, rumors suggest that Apple is collaborating with Samsung devices to bring a new 3D camera for futuristic smartphones of 2019.

iPhone 2019

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The handy appearance of iPhone 2019 might get the limitation of having a 3D touch since its predecessor iPhone XS Max had a new Haptic Touch feature instead of 3D. After the much enthusiasm that was created once the computational photography feature of iPhone XS was released, this time iPhone 11 Aka iPhone 2019 is rumoured to introduce a triple-lens rear camera with a 3x optical zoom in order to make all the selfie-lovers go wild over its astonishing feature by taking hundreds of selfies in the blink of an eye.  Though we are not sure whether Apple is going to bring foldable display feature in its new smartphone but we can always spark our enthusiasm by waiting for iPhone 2019 specification to get released out.

iPhone 2019

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Moreover, Apple is significantly working on creating its own modem in order to beat the striking performance of Intel’s Qualcomm with its magnificent lightstruck speed but based on the analysis of the tech experts, the ultra-modern innovation is not going to come before 2020.  Apple 2019 is speculated to be the thinnest iPhone ever been introduced due to the fine OLED display

iPhone 2019 Release Date:

Aiming to produce an out-of-the-box smartphone to increase hype in the fans of iPhone 2019 in UAE, there are pretty much high chances that the new iPhone might appear in the market by the mid of 2019 if we compare the iPhone 2019 release date with the past pattern of all its predecessors.

iPhone 2019

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iPhone 2019 Price in Dubai:

The premium iPhone 2019 price in Dubai is expected to be much higher than its successor. Though no official details have been reported by Apple Incorporation, we expect the price of this marvelous smartphone to be around 4999 AED.

We are not sure with which name iPhone 2019 is going to bang the market, but based on some experts’ analysis, the successor of iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max would certainly be named iPhone XI or iPhone 11. So, step into the galaxy of art and creativity with ultra-modern iPhone 2019 specs and incredible hardware making all its fans in UAE and all over the world look it in awe.

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