iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017: What’s the difference?

November 7, 2018

The drop of the Apple iPhones was indeed a classic event and everything was amazing, customers had their favorite and most awaited iPhones but the confusing point for the potential customers of iPad was that on Apple event on September 2018 that there was no new iPad announcement that made few hoaxes about the delay but soon after one month we witnessed another Apple event on October 2018 and bang the new iPad Pro 2018 with the two different screen display sizes was here, the iPad Pro 12.9 inches and iPad Pro 11 inches of 2018 edition but there are more of the variation in the configurations which will ultimately end up getting confused to understand the major difference between the iPad Pro 2018 and iPad Pro 2017. To simplify for the understanding there is the detailed comparison of these futuristic tablets iPad Pro 2018 (12.9 inches) and the iPad Pro 2017 (12.9 inches). So let’s just quickly dig the iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017.

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Design and Display:

Apple iPad Pro 2018 is inspired from the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max design. It is lighter in weight and has the non-so existing bezels around and the great display screen of size 12.9 inches. Interesting the expected notch of iPad Pro 2018 is being removed and the camera is drilled into the display screen which becomes invisible into the black border around the screen seems smart move by Apple whereas the home button also vanishes. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro 2017 has the similar screen size of 12.9 inches display but with the very prominent bezels around and the camera and the home button was at the front.  The rear has no distinguishing element as both the iPads renders single rear camera at the Apple logo at the back at the appealing colors addition of Space Grey and Silver as the signature Apple iPads colors.

iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017


Apple iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017 second round is about the specifications, in this segment there are some major changes as the iPad Pro 2018 is being operated by the latest chipset of Apple A12X Bionic and iOS 12 subsequently the older version A10X Fusion and iOS 10 is in the iPad Pro 2017 further the iPhone XR is also featured with the Apple A12X Bionic. The new iPad Pro 2018 has the Bluetooth integrated stylus with the magnetic attachment to the body but iPad Pro 2017 has the stylus original Apple pencil. iPad Pro 2018 has the configurations of 64/256/512 GB or 1 TB storage with the fast 6 GB RAM and the iPad Pro 2017 has the configurations of 64/256/512 GB storage with, 4GB RAM creating a critical difference in the speed and storage options as 1TB of the storage is almost around the memory of laptop.

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iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017

Other Features:

Let’s connect to the third round of iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017 which is about the extra features comparison so the camera is the first element, iPad Pro 2018 and iPad Pro 2017 shares the same camera set up as the rear is equipped with the 12MP lens and the front has 7MP lens.  The 4 stereo speakers are also the same in both but iPad Pro 2018 has no 3.5mm jack. The major and promising difference can be observed in the battery power and security element, iPad Pro 2018 has the 36.71 Wh battery and the iPad Pro 2017 has the 41 Wh battery as per the security the iPad Pro 2017 was limited to the fingerprint scanner and the iPad Pro 2018 has the latest Face unlock.

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iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017

iPad Pro 2018 vs iPad Pro 2017 Verdict:

iPad Pro 2018 is defiantly up with the latest specification, solid configuration options and Face unlock support, stunning design, and body structure but it is completely on the person to choose the iPad Pro version according to the preference and desire.

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