iOS 12 vs iOS 11: What’s New And Different?

June 11, 2018

Introduced at the WWDC 2018, the iOS 12 is the next generation operating system for iPhone and iPad. It is one of the highly anticipated iOS that everyone is looking for. Earlier this week, the Cupertino company released first iOS 12 beta, and if it stays stable then the firm releases the main version the next week with all those bug fixes and necessary refinements. Thanks to the update that introduced hefty of new features, but there are more surprises in store especially for the iPhone and iPad. If you want to try your hands-on the iOS 12 beta before it is made available in public version, you can do so by installing the iOS 12 beta on your device. Before downloading, check for the terms and conditions as well as the system requirements to get the latest operating system. As for this guide, here we are trying to help you understand what’s so new and different in the new iOS 12 when compared with iOS 11. It is said that the latest operating system is capable enough to run twice faster than iOS 11. Having said that Apple  iOS 12 can boost up the performance, let us have a look and compare the features offered.

iOS 12 Vs iOS 11: Features

When we start differentiating the iOS 12 features with the previous iOS 11, there is a quite significant improvement that the Cupertino firm pushed up with the latest iOS update. As a part of enhancing digital health, the company set to add in some built-in features that let the users to spend some quality time using iOS devices. No doubt, the iOS 11 features were quite amazing, but it was in need of some bug fixes and few areas that required much improvement. Considering all these factors, Apple came up with the iOS 12 that adds new modes into the DND feature. It is now expanded and lets the device to automatically end the time of Do not Disturb Mode depending on time, location and action performed. Even the Animoji feature is improved by featuring tongue detection and wink detection along with new masks.

concept-ios-12-3Even there is something to talk about Memoji. This allows you to have a customizable mask that looks similar or real your. You can customize the selection according to hairstyle, eye color, and other accessories. Even the Group facetime now supports 32 participants with dynamic UI. To let the magic happen with the Group Facetime and Facetime, you will need to have a Apple iPhone X with iOS 12 update. Though a small update, but the iOS 12 is bringing up grouped notifications thus making it easier to find everything at a glance. With the iOS 12 Siri shortcuts, you can use the program with any app. Either customize the voice commands, or create a series of action, everything is possible with iOS 12. Another interesting that you are going to love is Instant tuning. If you don’t want to get interrupted with the frequent notification alerts, then just enable deliver quietly thus allowing to stay uninterrupted.  Though Apple announced many of the features on-stage, there still exists few best new iOS 12 features that Apple missed out to announce.

iOS 12 Vs iOS 11: Reliability and Compatibility

Focusing mainly on the reliability and performance, the iOS 12 is made compatible with all the iPhones and iPad that iOS 11 supports. Once installed, you can be sure of getting performance enhancements, faster camera launcher, keyboard features and more. Talking about the compatibility, the iOS device need to have a 64-bit chipset to get iOS 12 installed. So, you can have the iOS 12 operating system on iPhone 5s or later. As for the iPad, it renders support to iPad mini 2 and iPad Air. Overall, after the iOS 12 release date, it is made available to 11 different iPhones including iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone X and 10 different iPads. This is the broadest ever support offered that Cupertino company has ever offered. We now have iOS 12 beta version for download. The iOS 12 beta download is completely easy. Install it now to enjoy the features.jbareham_160329_1003_B0026_walt.0.0iOS 12 Vs iOS 11: Performance

While many of us want to know of how much is the latest iOS update is capable enough to perform? Well! There are several sources online that have already experimented speed test to know the performance. Here let us take the test results of Apple Insider which is the trusted source online. First and foremost is, the latest iOS 12 update is likely to be in trouble in terms of device boot up. It took longer time than iOS 11 to turn on the device. Once it is on, then obviously iOS 12 tops the list of OS.

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 12 will be available in the public version at sometime later this week. Once launches, it will be made compatible with iPhone 5S or later handsets, the iPad Mini 2 or later, and Sixth-generation iPod touch. Also read details of upcoming iPhones for 2018-2019 that is expected to run on iOS 12.

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