How To Install Game Mods With Nexus Mod Manager

February 6, 2019

Mods are used to enhance the gaming experience. When thinking of Mods, then the first thing that runs our mind is Nexus Mod Manager. It is a massive library of mods for all your favorite games online. Easy accessibility to the self-made library of moddable games makes the Nexus Mod Manager the prominent choice to consider. Games such as Dragon Age, Fallout 3, Morrowind, Elder scroll games come up with thousands of game mods that can do necessary modifications so as to enhance every part of the game. Using the mods, even the game graphics can be upgraded. In simple terms, game mods allow you to play the game that you would have scarcely imagined it to be. Despite being beneficial, it is a quite daunting prospect to install and configure mods. Fortunately, Nexus Mod Manager is here that allows doing certain tasks with ease. It is not only the Skyrim or Fallout 4 that it supports, Nexus Mod Manager actually renders its support for around 564 games. For those who aren’t aware of how to use Nexus Mod Manager, here is a guide to follow.

How To Install Nexus Mod Manager?

Step 1: Visit to download the executable Nexus Mod Manager file.
Step 2: Installation process is straightforward. Just follow on-screen instructions to install.
Step 3: Once installation and setup are done, it scans all the hard drives to find installed version of games.
Step 4: Once scanning is done, a green tick to confirm installation, select red cross if you do not want the NMM to look for that game.
Step 5: Select the required game and click OK to continue.
Step 6: Finally! Select the location in which you need the mods to be stored. Click on finish to complete the process.

Nexus Mod Manager

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Install And Uninstall Mods Using Nexus Mod Manager

Now that the Nexus Mod Manager app is fully configured, one can now add mods to the respective games. Here, let us learn of how to install mods for Fallout 4.

Step 1: Sign into the Nexus Mod Manager accounts for easy installation.
Step 2: Head to the Fallout 4 mods category page to look for the available mods.

Nexus Mod Manager

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Step 3: Locate the mod that you would like to install and click on “Download (NMM) button” in order to initiate the mod download.

Nexus Mod Manager

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Step 4: While some mods just download the current version of the mod, some mods demand to download multiple versions. To download, scroll down on the downloads page and click “Files”. Here you will find various files along with the explanation. Click on “Download with manager” to download necessary files.
Step 5: Once downloaded, locate the mod and click on green check mark so as to enable. In case you wish to disable the mod, then click on red cancel button that appears.

That’s it! You can now launch fallout 4 to find the immediate effect of mods on the game. While installing, some mods will guide you through the setup process and even lets to choose different options. Go through the process and use the necessary options to install and enable the mod. In case you wish to change the options later, then just right-click on the mod to select “Reinstall Mod”.

At any time, if you want to disable or uninstall a mod, then close the FallOut 4. And open Nexus Mod Manager. Right click on a mod that you need to uninstall and select “Deactivate” to disable the mod or “Uninstall and delete” to completely remove the mod from the system.

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