The Best Free Icon Packs For Android in 2018

November 26, 2018

The operating system that is extremely customizable the way the users want it to be is Android. This ability to customize Android smartphone by adding the required wallpaper, fonts, transitions, icons and more made it more popular over the iOS. There exist several apps to accomplish this task. Here, in this guide, we will have a look at the icon packs that let to customize your phone with an ease. While there are numerous apps to download, the selection of the best icon pack depends on what you prefer. Change the look and feel of the Android device without changing the underlying structure with the best icon pack free. Read on the guide, to find the best free icon packs that you can download and install in your smartphone. Thankfully, the icon pack specified here are colorful and come in every style that you desire.

Pix UI

Looking for a material themed icon pack Android? Then, just download Pix UI that brings in thousands of different varieties of icons along with the special feature of icon masking. This feature lets to make use of the theme of icons that the app actually doesn’t support. The icon pack gives the Android device the same look and feel like a pixel phone. It also brings in several alternative icons, thus giving you the access to choose the best.

icon pack android

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The icon pack Android app that is available for a long time in the Google Play store is Moonshine. With over millions of download, this free icon pack offers over 925 icons for free. In case, if you opt for a pro version then you get an extra 500 icons to select. Interestingly, this icon pack also offers 28 custom wallpapers to choose. The free flat love icon packs make the Android device look impressive.

icon pack android

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If you love the flat style icon pack free then the Rondo is the must-have icon pack to prefer. Download this best icon pack to bring in more than 3500 high-quality icons that make the device look gorgeous than ever before. Apart from this, enjoy the mask feature which can theme the unthemed icons. Moreover, it is regularly updated thus adds in more icons on monthly basis. So, download this icon pack Android to enjoy all those fresh icons.

icon pack android

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Combining the features of Moonshine and Polycon icon packs, the Candycons is another icon pack free to download on Google Play store. It comes in with 1070 icons with different color variants available on each icon pack. Surprisingly, this brings in Muzei support which is really an added advantage. Another interesting aspect, you will also get around 20 custom wallpapers as well as icon request tool. While most of the icons in Candycons are inspired by the material design, almost many icons also have their unique color elements that make it stand ahead of the competition.

icon pack android

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Though not so popular app as the Moonshine icon pack Android, it still has thousands of downloads on the Google play store. All the icons are of high-resolution and also features unique icons with different background and colors. Also, it comes in with a dynamic calendar support along with the icon request tool. The users also have the feasibility to select from 230 plus HD cloud-based wallpapers to choose from.

icon pack android

So, download any one of these icon packs to make the smartphone look good. These icon packs have the highest rating in the Google Play store and are secured to download on an Android smartphone.

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