Hubble Phone Concept with Three Screens: Leaks & Specifications

December 1, 2018

The modification into the smartphone design and look is in the very complicated mode, every other top-tier brand has some of the unique patents registered and the experimental prototypes also released, however, the actual release of the novel and unique concepts seems quite impossible. One of the concept designs was dropped by the Turing Robotic Industries, it is a US based company functions from California but the production remains in Finland. The company is focused on bringing the distinguishing mobile technologies, moreover, it has also released the first phone in 2016 with the name of Turning Phone which was manufactured by the material called “Liquidmorphium” an “unbendable” metal that’s stronger than titanium or steel and more resistant to shock and screen breakages.  The upcoming smartphone of this company is eccentric and exclusive, the Hubble phone is confirmed to render three display screens with a touch of flip, flap and the 3D rotation axis.

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Hubble Phone 2020

Design and Display:

The year 2018 was the year to witness the multiple cameras smartphones, further the year 2019 is expected to be the year of foldable smartphones with the leaks and rumours of some big brands towards the transformation of mobile phones designs. The Samsung Galaxy F, Sony Xperia Flex, Oppo foldable phone and LG G Flex X are few of the foldable smartphones to look forward in 2019. The Chinese companies are trying harder to be the first one in this innovative moderation and refinement of smartphone design as Xiaomi Mi Flex and Huawei Mate X could be the first in this foldable phone race, however, Royole’s FlexPai the Canadian smartphone is already released ahead of all these companies.  Now this US Company is ready to give the tough time through its futuristic amendment in the smartphone design concept.

Hubble Phone 2020

The multi-screen Hubble Phone in Dubai has become the talk of the town, it is inspired from the Hubble Telescope eventually structure it into much appealing and captivating look. The concept of Hubble Phone in UAE renders a “multi-dimensional” screen, this 2020 design has 3 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen displays that measure 5.44-inches with a 5.41-inch for the top deck and 11.81-inch for the main deck joined through a hinge at the top that allows the device to fold and rotate. The whole setup revolves around a 60MP main camera nicely squeezed into the cylindrical section. Interestingly the screens have the notches which have the dual camera set up of the 12MP+12MP lens.

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Hubble Phone 2020


Here comes the solid section to discuss the ultimate inside of the futuristic Hubble Phone in Dubai version, this revolutionary smartphone has everything which is considered to be as the most powerful in the tech world. The phone is integrated with the three operating systems as well, Android P, the Turing Keplerian OS which will be featured in the top part of the phone while the Sailfish 3 OS will be inserted on the main deck.

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Hubble Phone 2020Furthermore, the hardware has the unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor capable of lip reading for commands, front camera with face recognition and 3D selfie feature because of rotating , artificial intelligence chip to enhance the gamer experience, 5G communication enables the phone to download 4K videos in seconds, stereo speaker, wireless earphones, two 8GB RAMs and an internal memory of 256GB, expandable up to 512GB, double battery 2800+ 3300 mAh, dust and water resistance are some of remarkable yet matchless phenomenal Hubble Phone specs and constituents.

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Hubble Phone 2020

Hubble Phone Price in Dubai:

These tremendous and sensational elements of this Hubble phone in UAE exciting the fans and creating upper-level anticipation to release it soon. Although these specifications and design do clarify that the smartphone is a premium device.  It might cost around the price of two iPhone XS Max that is around 11000 AED or 2800 USD.

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Hubble Phone 2020

Hubble Phone Release Date in Dubai:

The Hubble phone news is spreading like a fire in the forest as this futuristic device promises some really incredible and breathtakingly features, the Hubble Phone release date in UAE is expected to be around in December 2020 however it might release in Europe around August 2020.

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