Huawei’s Take On Its New Facial Recognition Feature

November 30, 2017

Huawei has announced about developing a much better Face ID technology than Apple. This announcement came during a presentation about the upcoming Honor V10 smartphone.

Apple is the first company to introduce the Face ID feature through its latest iPhone X. It made use of the 3D camera as well as laser sensors to identify the facial features. This also facilitates video recording, and animate emojis based on the user’s facial movements and expressions.

Following the same path, Huawei now claims to develop an improved Face ID technology that is ten times advanced and accurate than the Apple’s version.


The Chinese company stated that its new camera system can capture 3,00,000 points in just ten seconds, which is 10 times more than what the Apple has offered. Besides, it also employs both projector and infrared for creating 3D facial maps.

Huawei may come up with Animoji characters like a panda and anime-looking humans. This feature is claimed to work effectively regardless of any light condition. Moreover, such latest technology in a phone allows for making secure and quick payments.

This new camera setup is presently not available in any of its phone models. Huawei is yet to announce which of its model will include this aspect. Smartphone users in Saudi may have to wait till next year to try out this new feature.check out newly launched mobile by Huawei Honor View 10

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