Huawei Mate X Review

December 23, 2019

“Foldable” is clearly a new bizarre word of 2019 in the phone industry. People are going crazy with huge, enveloping screens. Well, there is one more feature in the industry, 5g. These two components caused some real competition between all the phone brands. Huawei clearly to go with a Pokemon mantra, “Gotta Catch them All”. We can figure this out by the situation with the Mate X – a true head-turning device that both, possess a foldable display and claims the fastest 5G connectivity around the whole globe.

Mate x

Exciting right? The handset has been sitting in the prototype category with all the crazy and outstanding specifications for a long time and as it is finally here, along with all the creativity and Huawei Mate X price in Dubai, we are listing our favorite parts of this phone for you. So read on for a more in-depth look into what could be the mobile future.

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Mate X Foldable Screen Display

Obviously, to start off with, let’s discuss the major hype first. As we know that the main point of this phone is its magical screen folding that turns a handy phone into a tablet within no time. It won’t be wrong if we call it a phablet instead. We still have a very bounded pool of foldable display devices to use as reference points from a design standpoint but the first look of Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which we all know is a trending foldable device too, is luxurious enough to raise any point against. Huawei Mate X in UAE price has a slightly different fold. It does not give you any prominent folding line between your screen. Huawei calls its design falcon wing.

5g Connectivity – Fastest in the World

As per Huawei’s own PR team, the Mate X carries the title of the world’s fastest 5G phone by all means. This is another aspect of the Mate X that we’ve already put off speaking about for long enough is its 5G connectivity. As far as 5G operates, Huawei will have its own Balong 5000 modem inside the Mate X.

Fast Charging and Long-Lasting Battery

Coming to the battery, Huawei claims to have the best of all battery timings. The company mentioned Mate X as the world’s fastest charging phone. Indeed, super-charge is currently the top pup around when it comes to fast charging.  It comprises of 4,500 mAH battery. The plan incorporates a dual-battery system, the same as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Winding back to the self-awarded “world’s fasted charging phone” title, the Mate X features 55W Huawei super-charge tech. Huawei states that this system is able to elevate the battery from empty to a whopping 85% in just 30 minutes.

Huawei Mate X Price in Dubai, UAE

We already discussed the titles tossed around: “world’s slimmest foldable phone”, as well as the more general: “world’s fasted charging the phone,” “best-in-class selfies” and “world’s fastest 5G phone”. All of this combines to form a single phone, do you need anything else? We don’t think that there is any other thing to ask about. Huawei Mate X UAE price might be pricy but keeping in mind that you are getting a phone, a tablet, a professional camera, fastest phone in all aspects, let’s be honest, fair enough. So order yours now for a classy and rich luscious experience.

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