How to Use the Measure App on iPhone or iPad

December 15, 2019

Using iOS 12 on your iPhone XS? Then you are definitely enjoying numerous features offered by the latest operating system. One such iOS 12 feature to talk about is the Measure app. It uses AR (Augmented Reality) in order to act as a tape measure or ruler. So, your iPhone can now measure objects around you using the device camera. The measure app is announced back at WWDC 2018 event and can be used in iPhone SE, iPhone 6S or later iPhones released. Here, we will learn something more about Apple’s AR Measure app and how to use it.

Everything About Measure App

iOS 12 is packed in with several tools for iPhone and iPad. Using all the latest advancements in AR, your iPhone/iPad camera offers a new way to ditch using a measuring tape. You heard it right! You need not use the traditional measuring tape to measure distances and objects around. Just point the iPhone camera to the object and it does the task for you. It is both fun and accurate enough to use.

The Measure app is a default app that comes in all iPhones as the Map. It makes use of the ARKit and iPhones camera to compute dimensions of objects. This handy tool is quite beneficial when you don’t have your toolbox with you. Let us see how to use this handy Measure app to measure a single object, rectangle, and find the level. Before that, find out how to get a measure app on your iPhone and iPad.

How To Download Measure App

Once you download/upgrade to iOS 12, then it should be compatible with ARKit and the Measure app is available automatically. In case, you don’t find the app, then you can download it from the App Store for free.

– Launch iPhone App store from Home screen.

– On the bottom right, you will find the search tab. Tap on it.

– Search for Measure app.

– Tap Get or the iCloud button.

download Measure app

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Change Measurement Units

In which units, the Measure app displays the results? You might be thinking of this? Let us make it clear! Measure app offers units in Imperial or Metric. It offers the feasibility to change the units when you need it.

– Open device Settings.

– Scroll down to select Measure.

– Select either Imperial or Metric.

Measure app on iPhone

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Measuring Straight Lines

As for now, the Measure app on the iPhone can measure straight lines. Since it uses the iPhone rear camera, brighter light yields better results. Here is how to measure straight lines.

– Launch Measure app.

– When you open the app, it asks to move the phone around, so as to analyze the area you would like to measure. Move it around until you find a white circle with a dot.

– Move up the white dot to the corner of the object you like to measure.

download measure app

– Tap on the white button with + symbol in order to find the start point. Slowly, move the white dot towards the endpoint.

– Tap again on the + button to choose an endpoint. In case you mess up at any point, there is an undo button on the top and clear button as well.

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Measuring Rectangle

Once the app identifies that the object placed on the surface of the iPhone or iPad is rectangular, then it automatically creates a box around it.

– Before proceeding, ensure to measure in well-lit conditions. And place the object closer to the device.

– At times, the iPhones may not detect the shape so you may need to measure dimensions manually.

Measure app on iPhone

– Tap on the + button to make the measurements appear automatically along with the area.

– Tap on the area to find in-depth details of the measurement including diagonal dimensions.

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How To Use iPhone Level

Yes! The latest AR measure tool includes level. Until now, you are able to use this feature only in the Compass app, but now even Measure app allows the same.

– Open Measure app. Tap on Level available at the bottom end of the screen.

– Position the phone to one of the edges which you want to measure. Now, align the device either the long or short side or lay it flat.

download measure app

– In case, the edge or surface is a level, then the screen turns green. If not, you will see the level with a line that divides the screen. Tilt your device to find the change in angle.

Wrap up!

You will never know when you will be in need of a measuring tape or find the level of an object. As we cannot carry our toolbox everywhere you go, measure app on iPhone or iPad is a nice option that comes in with iOS 12 upgrade.

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