How to Use PS4 Remote Play on Windows PC or MAC

October 8, 2019

Innovation never stops to astound; Remote Play is the ideal and a valid example to make any technology grow. If you possess PlayStation 4 and have Windows PC, PlayStation TV, Mac, PlayStation Vita or Sony Xperia cell phone or tablet lying around the house, you approach probably the coolest element presently accessible on the PS4. The apropos titled instrument does precisely what it seems like and enables you to play your PS4 game remotely on all of your devices that support this program.

This process of Remote Gameplay asks for a little configuration and setup before accessing the process. Once you set it up, it’s straightforward and easy to use. In this article, we have a simple guide for those who want to take advantage of Remote Playing. Before starting off with the procedure, let’s shed a little light upon what is the Remote Play.

What is the PS4 Remote Play?

We all know that it is possible to stream your PlayStation 4 to your MAC or your PC too, not only the PlayStation Vita. This is only viable with the Remote Play. You can split the video stream to any other display with PS4 being a hub device. Some time ago, it was only feasible for the PlayStation Vita but now you can stream on almost every device.  Sony took a huge leap with expanding the capabilities but it is a great success.

PS4 remote play

What Devices Are Compatible With The Program?

You can use various other devices to connect your Remote Play and control your PS4 more easily. The device you are connected you displays the screen as on your PS4.

Use any of the following devices to connect;

– iPhone

– iPad

– Xperia Smartphones

– Xperia Tablets

– PS Vita System

– Windows PC

– Apple Mac

Downloading Remote Play

Downloading remote play is quite an easy task to do.

– Go to this link, which will lead you to the Remote Play main page.

– You’ll see the option for downloading for each device.

– Click as per the device you are using.

– Run the file for installation.

– Follow the instructions on your screen.

You might get the option to download any additional software, just follow the lead and you’d be good to go.

Setting Up

Make sure that before that your PS4 system is set up and activated. To connect it to Remote Play you need to follow these steps;

– Select settings

– Go to Power Save Settings

– Now click on the Set Features Available in Rest Mood

– Check the box for Stay Connected to The Internet.

– Lastly, Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.

PS4 Remote Play on Windows PC and MAC

Now, we are on the final part of this blog, How to Play PS4 Remotely on Windows PC/MAC.

– Turn on PS4 system or set it to rest mood.

– Connect your controller to the computer with a USB cable.

– Or you can pair your controller with the help of a a DUALSHOCK 4, wireless adapter.

– Launch PS4 Remote Play on your system.

– Hit the Start button.

– Sign in with your PlayStation’s Network’s account.

Remote play on windows

That is all. You can easily play and enjoy playing remotely on your PS4.

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