How To Use Android As An IP Camera

September 26, 2019

Having an Android phone means it is nothing impossible. Well! Now Android smartphones can even serve the purpose of an IP camera. Yes! You heard it right! Your device can easily be converted into an IP(Internet Protocol) camera. If you have an old phone lying around, then you can make good use of it by making it a mobile security camera. This could be the best way to protect your family as it allows to live stream remotely, record and can also receive motion alerts. It is always easier to get a dedicated web camera, but not every one of us could afford it. In such cases, make good use of the old phone by turning it into a security camera. Here’s how you can use android as an IP camera.

What is an IP Camera?

An IP camera is an Internet Protocol camera that is commonly used for surveillance. It receives control data and sends images via computer networks and the Internet. Unlike CCTV cameras, IP camera doesn’t require any local recording device. Only a local area network does this task. One of the primary concerns of IP cameras is data storage. It might demand large hard drives to save the content.

IP Camera

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Why You Want The Phone To Be an IP Cam?

There could be several reasons why you want to turn an Android phone into an IP camera. One of the probable reasons could be for security reasons. If you are unable to spend on the expensive CCTV camera then this would be the best option to consider. For those who think that hacking is a major concern with the CCTV system, IP cam allows the video to be transmitted only in the private network or intranet thus making it secure. IP cam ensures better image resolution than analog thus making it a wise choice. With a wireless network, IP camera allows having secure data transmission through proper encryption techniques.

Android as IP Camera

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Requirements To Convert Android Phone Into IP Camera

Requirements To Convert Android Phone Into IP Camera

– An Android phone with a camera.

– WiFi Network access.

– Security camera apps for Android.

– A computer.

– Charging Cables.

– VLC Player

Points To Consider Before Using Android As An IP Cam

– With many security camera apps around, make a wise choice to select one. IP Webcam is one of the most popular Android security camera apps that allow monitoring video feed and can also take photos from camera using any web browser.

– Check with your Android operating system. Different security camera apps support different Android OS. This is mandatory to let the features fully functional on the Android device.

– To use an Android device as a camera, there should be another source to view the content. Understand your requirements and determine which device you want to use to view remotely, such as Android phones, computers, iPad, and more.

– If you never want to miss any live video surveillance, ensure that the device is fully charged all the time.

– It is not mandatory to keep the phone screen on continuously. It can record the footage even if the screen is off. The video feed works smoother when the screen is on.

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Steps To Use Android As IP camera

– Connect the Android phone and the device to view content to the same WiFi network.

– Install proper security camera app such as IP Webcam on both the devices.

– Before proceeding, ensure that all the remaining camera apps are closed.

– Launch the app and tap on the start server.

– The process to set up the connection differs from one application to another.

– Follow on-screen instructions to start the live video feed on your recipient device.

– In case you want to record the footage, just tap on a record button which saves the video in MP4 format.

After you stream up everything, it is quite essential to locate the proper place to mount the device. You may want it to view the entry point of your home, backyard or the place where you store your valuables. You can even use it as a baby monitor. If you have multiple phones then you can set up multiple cameras for better video coverage.

How To Mount Your Phone?

So, how do you mount the smartphone? For this, you might need a smartphone tripod or a suction cup car mount that can position the camera properly.

Mounting your phone
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