How To Unlock Android Without Password?

December 10, 2019

To protect our data on Android smartphones, we use the option to set a password/PIN/pattern lock on our device. There is every chance that we tend to forget the specified password. So, we start looking out for different ways to unlock android without losing data. While factory reset lets you get back your device but it costs you the entire data. So, to access your phone here are some of the simple ways to follow. These methods not only retain your data but also lets to unlock a smartphone without the password. Let’s begin!

How To Unlock Android Without Password?

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Methods Unlock Android Without Password;

Here are the best ways to unlock your smartphone if you forget the password, without losing any data;

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is one of the best tools that let to unlock Android smartphone with ease. Apart from this task, this feature lets to locate the device by using the “Ring” option and erase data using the “Erase” option. To unlock the device, we use the “lock” option. However, this requires you to enable this option before it is locked. If you always keep this option enabled, then here you go:

To start with the process, visit on your PC or any other Android device.

Sign in to the associated Google account to select the device that needs to be unlocked.

From the given three options, select “Lock” which displays a new pop-up window.

Set a new password and if required enter the recovery message and phone number.

Confirm it by clicking on the lock.

Bravo! You can now use the new password to unlock the locked Android smartphone.

Google Account

This method is applicable for Android devices running on Android 4.0 or older versions.

Just type in the wrong password consecutively five times.

Here, you will find the option of “Forgot Password/pattern.”

Tap on it. This directs to the Google account page. Enter valid credentials to sign in to the account.

That’s it! You can now be able to reset the password.

Backup PIN

Here is another best and easiest method to unlock a smartphone without a password or factory reset. With the option of Backup PIN, you can conveniently unlock your device.

After five consecutive unsuccessful attempts of entering a password, you will receive a message to try reentering after 30 seconds.

Here, you will also find the option of “Backup PIN.” Select that option.

Enter the new backup PIN and tap OK.

This backup PIN can now unlock the Android smartphone.

Find My Mobile

This method is suitable for all Samsung smartphones. As we are aware, Samsung devices come up with the feature Find My Mobile that allows unlocking of the smartphone without the need for a password.

Log in to find my mobile, using your valid credentials.

Browse for the “Lock My Screen” option to select. This option is visible under the “Protect My Device”.

As you select this option, it prompts for the new PIN. Specify the required password and click on “Lock”.

This PIN can now unlock the locked Android device.

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Factory Reset

The factory reset should be the last method that you can try out to unlock the smartphone without a password as it erases entire data that is not in sync with the Google account. Moreover, it is advisable to remove the SD card from the smartphone before initiating the process.

Reboot the locked Android phone in the recovery mode. Depending on the handset, we either use the power button/home button along with the volume buttons to enter this mode.

Once we enter the boot menu, we navigate through the options using volume up/down keys. To select the option, use the power key.

Select the option wipe data/factory reset using the power key. Confirm the option by selecting yes. This will initiate the process to reset the device and it might take several minutes to complete.

Once the process is complete, your device will automatically restart without the password and any previous data.

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