How To Turn On Flashlight In Android

March 17, 2019

Flashlight! We often need a flashlight, especially while navigating through the dark places. But, we don’t always carry a torch with us. In these recent days, the only thing that we carry everywhere is the smartphone. The latest generation smartphones are capable of doing almost everything that you look for. It comes in with an in-built flashlight or can install a flashlight app that serves the need for a flashlight. If the Android smartphone comes in with the flashlight option, all you need is to toggle it in order to enable the flashlight. Or else, the Google Play store is bundled with several flashlight apps that let to turn on Flashlight mode on the smartphones. If you are using the latest Android version, then there is Google Assistant that will do this task for you when you give it a command. This is quite a useful feature when you find your hands occupied. Turning the Flashlight on, in the Android device is quite easy to do the task. Let us see different methods to turn on Flashlight in Android.

Method 1: From Notification Panel

Step 1: Depending on the Android smartphone you are using, navigate through the Notification panel. Normally, many devices require you to swipe down the screen for notification panel.

Step 2: From the grid that appears on the screen, look out for the flashlight option.

Step 3: Tap on that option to enable the feature.

Flashlight for Android

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Method 2: Using Dedicated App

Google Play store is loaded with numerous flashlight apps that serve the same purpose when you don’t have an inbuilt app in your device.

Step 1: From the Google Play store, search for the appropriate Flashlight app and install it on an Android device.

Step 2: Once successfully installed, open the app.

Step 3: Most of the flashlight apps offer on/off button. Tapping on the button will enable/disable the flashlight.

Flashlight for Android

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Method 3: Using Google Assistant

Since the latest version of Android smartphones is given with advanced features, it becomes, even more, easier to enable flashlight.

Step 1: Open Google Assistant. To do so, tap and hold the home button.

Step 2: Just give it a command by saying “Turn on Flashlight”. In case you feel uncomfortable to say it loud, type the command by tapping on the keyboard icon.

Step 3: This will instantly enable the flashlight feature.

Flashlight for Android

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Method 4: Using Widget

Step 1: Finally! To get some flashlight, you can even use the Flashlight Widget app.

Step 2: While the Widget doesn’t appear on its own, it requires to long press on the space provided in the home screen wherein you wish to place the widget.

Step 3: Tap on Widgets option, long-press and drag it to the empty space of your display. Since the app doesn’t have a settings page, you will get to know whether the app is installed or not only when you find the widget.

Flashlight for Android

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