How To Take And View Screenshots On An Apple Watch

October 26, 2019

In the present generations, smartphones rule the world. And, there is no single task that the latest mobile phones cannot perform. What about the smartwatches? Can they perform similar to smartphones? Obviously! Yes! Smartwatches are now more capable than smartphones. One of the most useful features that everyone looks for is screenshots. It is quite easier to capture screenshots on Apple iPhones. Just press the home and power button simultaneously. So, how to take a screenshot on Apple Watch?

Well! It isn’t that difficult at all. It is quite similar to in iPhones but there is no home button. Instead, we have the Digital Crown button to use. The Cupertino company provided with refined ways that let to do it in the way many people are demanding. It is quite irritating to find that these methods are hidden, however, it is good to hear that your Apple Watch has the ability to take a screenshot. Here is a comprehensive guide to taking a screenshot on the Apple watch.

Screenshot on Apple watch

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Enable Screenshots on Apple Watch

Apple smartwatch is something everybody desires to have. What if you want to capture the watch display and share it around. Here comes the need for a screenshot. And Apple smartwatch is nowhere an exception. By default, Apple has disabled the ability to take a screenshot. Before trying to capture your display screen, you need to enable this feature. Here is how to enable a screenshot on the Apple watch.

– Open Apple Watch app on your Apple iPhone.

– On the main screen, tap on “General”.

– Scroll down to find the option to enable this feature. Toggle the Enable Screenshots button to turn it on.

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Capture Screenshots on Apple Watch

Now that you have enabled this option, you are ready to go and capture the screen on Apple Watch.

– Find the screen that you like to capture.

– Once located, use two fingers to press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time.

– Screen flashes as soon as you take a screenshot.

Capture screenshot on Apple Watch

View Screenshots on Apple Watch

After the watch face flashes white and you have taken the shot, it doesn’t appear on the Apple smartwatch in Dubai. Instead, it is been saved to the iPhone camera roll.

– To view the screenshot, open the iPhone Photo gallery app to find the screenshots tab. Or else, if you open the camera roll, the most recent image should be the screenshot.

– Now that the shot is on your iPhone, you can share, crop, edit or delete it.

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