How to take a Screenshot On Chromebook

September 28, 2019

Sometimes, you are sitting in office, home or any other place and you just need to show someone the thing that’s on your screen. Or maybe you just want to save something from your screen for future use. In this scenario, taking a screenshot is the easiest way out. Now, if you are on your phone, you can easily take a screenshot. Here we are talking about the laptop, Chromebook specifically. There are different ways how you can take a screenshot on your Chromebook, so let’s run through all of them right now!

Before we start, you’ll simply need to ensure you’re familiar with one major key on your Chromebook’s console. This key is known as an Overview Key which is also known as a Windows Switch Key or Show Windows Key. If you know what these terms are then we are good to move on.

Ways to Take Screenshot on Chromebook

The major ways to take screenshots from Chromebook are with the keyboard, without the keyboard and some other tools that you can use to get a screenshot. So here are all the methods on a Chromebook to capture the screenshot.

Screenshot on Chromebook

How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook with the Keyboard

Now if we talk about this method, it is further divided into two options. First is the full display screenshot and the other one is the partial or half screenshot.

Capture a Full Screenshot on Chromebook

If you need to capture all that you can see on the screen of your Chromebook, you only need to follow a single step to do so. It’s easy!

Capture a Full Screenshot on Chromebook
  1.  Simultaneously press Ctrl + Overview key (or Ctrl + F5).

This will make a screen capture of your whole screen. So now you have an image of the full-screen display.

Capture a Partial Screenshot on Chromebook

In many cases, you might want to capture just a part of your screen instead of the full screen. You may want to share a small snippet of something you are seeking in the chrome app. If this is the case then here is how you can capture just the custom size of your screen.

Capture a partial Screenshot on Chromebook
  1. Hold Ctrl, Shift and Overview Key (Ctrl + Shift + Overview Key)
  2. Click the mouse pad and drag a rectangular outline on the area you want to cut or capture and release.
  3. Done! You have the screenshot of the selected area.

How to Take a Screenshot on Chromebook without the Keyboard

This is another way to capture the screenshots on Chromebook. The first method was using the keyboard but you can take the snapshot without the keyboard as well. Let’s see the simple tactics to do so.

Capture Screenshot Using Buttons

If your Chromebook has a tablet mode, you can take the screenshots on it by using the same button combination as on the Android smartphones.

  1. Press the Power and Volume Down buttons together.
  2. If this does not give you the screenshot immediately, try pressing it for a little longer.
  3. This will automatically get you a screenshot.

Capture Screenshot Using Stylus

If your Chromebook comes with an Active Stylus just like a pixel book and some models from Samsung, then you have another option for taking the screenshots.

Screenshot Using Stylus on Chromebook
  1. Tap the stylus menu at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Choose “Capture Screen” if you need a full screenshot and “Capture Region” if you want a partial screenshot.
  3. Use the stylus to select the region you want you capture.
  4. The image will pop-up by default on your Chromebook.

Chrome Extensions

The inherent techniques for taking a screen capture on Chromebook functions admirably. However, if you need more ways and options, you can generally introduce Chrome Extensions to your Chromebook that will give you more screenshot options. Here are some of our favorites;

  1. Light Shot
  2. Fire Shot
  3. Super Chrome
  4. Awesome ScreenShot
  5. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

If you are planning you take a lot of screenshots in one day then here is the good news that all the extensions mentioned above are absolutely free and easy to use. It is worth it to get these extensions as it will help you get to do your work in a flow, without hassle.

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