How To Remove Location Data From Photos & Videos On iPhone

January 2, 2020

You can take incredible photos and videos with your iPhone. Moreover, you can, without much stretch, offer photos and videos with others from the iOS Photos application. The pictures and videos you take with your iPhone contain bits of data, known as metadata, including the location. This metadata makes it simpler for Photos to compose your media, yet put these photos and videos in inappropriate hands, and anybody can discover where you live or work.

Remove Location Data From Photos and Videos On iPhone

Fortunately, iOS 13 makes it simple to wipe the geotag from pictures and videos before sharing. Of course, your photos and videos will have inserted location data (GPS data) because your iPhone install GPS facilitates in every photo and video you take. This data is designated “metadata” or the “EXIF data.” This data is put away inside the picture or video document itself.

This implies you might be sharing your location data when sharing photos and videos. You might need to conceal this data when sharing photos and videos. On the off chance that you need to do this, at that point, this article is for you. This article clarifies how you can send and share your photos and videos with undisclosed locations. Since this is a potential privacy and security hazard, for instance, a criminal can utilize this data to make sense of a lot of insights regarding you.

Yet, with iOS 13, there is a local component that enables you to expel the location from a photo or video or gathering of pictures and videos you need to share through Messages, Mail, AirDrop, Facebook, Messenger, Slack, and so forth. That way, you don’t need to stress over a stalker or creep, discovering your location from your iPhone shots.

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Open Up the Share Sheet

Location expulsion is just accessible in the Photos application, so you should share media from Photos straightforwardly to evacuate geotags. So in Photos, discover the collection or area where your substance is you need to share. If sharing a single picture or video, open it, and tap the Share button. To share various photos and videos, tap “Select” in the collection or segment see, check them all, at that point, hit the Share button.

Disable the Location Data

At the highest point of the Share sheet, otherwise known as action see, you’ll see either “Location Included” or “Locations Included.” at times, you may see the location itself.

Tap on the blue “Options” setting with the bolt at the top. At that point, switch off “Location” under the Include area in the modular view to expel the inserted location from the photo, video, or gathering of pictures and videos. Hit “Done,” and it will currently say “No Location” at the top. At that point, share the photos through your favored application or administration as you generally would.

Affirming That Location Data Was Removed

To see where a photo or video was taken, swipe up on it in the Photos application. On the off chance that location is empowered, a guide will show up with an estimation of where you capture underneath Places (left screen capture). On the off chance that you turn off the “Location” utilizing this new component and offer the picture or video, on the other gadget, no location data will show up (right screen capture).

Remove Location Data From Photos and Videos On iPhone

1. Open the Photos application

2. Discover the photo or video you need to share and tap Select, or you can open an individual photo to share

3. Select at least one photos or videos

4. Tap the share symbol

5. At the highest point of the screen, you will see a message saying, “Location Included.”

6. Tap Options

7. Flip the location off

8. Presently, tap done.

9. Select the way (Airdrop, Mail, Messages, and so on.) you need to share your photo or video.

Disable Location Services

Would you like to expel the geotags from the photos or videos? As expressed over, this is empowered as a matter of course. This is the way you can prevent your iPhone from sparing your location when you snap photos or videos.

Here is How:

1. On your iPhone, tap Settings

2. Tap Privacy

3. Tap Location Services

4. Tap Camera

5. Select Never.

Furthermore, that is it. You are done!

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