How To Print From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

June 18, 2018

As with the technological advancement, even there is a huge immersion of new features into the Android smartphones. These features make the smartphones do almost any task for you. It can be either your Android phone or a tablet, they can store music, capture photos, handle massive documents and can even print a document. In fact, printing hard copy of the document is the basic task that the latest Android smartphones possess. Until we just knew that we can print the document only from your PC or laptop. This is not the case now, the handy smartphone can do this task for you. Moreover, there is no need for any special hardware to get this feature. In general, printing on an Android device was just using a Google Cloud print app and sharing the file to print using an app. Well! Here let us have a look at how to get started with the printing process on your Android mobile phone.

The process to Print Using Google Cloud Print From Android phone or Tablet

One of the best and easiest ways that let you print from any computer or mobile phone to almost any type of printer is Google Cloud Print. It just works by connecting the printer to Google account. Since it is a part of OS, everything is stuffed into the settings menu thus increasing the ease of use. Here is how to setup and print documents from your Android phone.


Step 1: To start with, first check your printer options and situation on your device from the settings menu. The way to proceed for checking the printer depends on the device you use. Irrespective of any device, it supports printing. Some manufacturers hide it from the menu, whilst some display them on the page. If you find it difficult to find then just use the search bar to search for ‘Printing’.

Step 2: Now, you should be able to use the Cloud Print as it is an inbuilt app for an Android OS. But, some manufacturers like Samsung will offer specific type such as Samsung Print Service Plugin. Regardless of the options, this is where from which you need to manage your printing options.

Step 3: It is quite recommended to use Cloud Print as it is the most prolific app. Just tap on Cloud Print and then followed by tapping on three dots on the top right corner.

Step 4: Add printer to your cloud. However, once started the app will automatically look for the printers running on the local network. To avoid duplicates, the printers that are already part of cloud print will not show up here.

Step 5: Tap on settings to do necessary changes. Now that you are ready with the printer option, let’s see further of actually printing on phone.

Step 6: The process differs depending on the app from which you are printing. While some of the popular apps like Google apps, image viewers and others have a dedicated print option and clicking on that gives you a hard copy of the document or image.

Step 7: For those that don’t show up print option like the sheets or docs, tap on three -dots menu and then click on “Share & Export”. Then click on print.

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Compatibility With Google Cloud Print

Almost all the modern printers are compatible with Google Cloud Print. It is this ability to print from anywhere on any printer makes it an essential service. With the Google Cloud Print, you can print word docs, sheets, PDF files, emails, web pages, photos straight from your Android device.

While installing or printing the documents, if you find too many pop-ups heading over. Then, here is the process to block pop-up on your Android phone. Also, read simple tips to customize your smartphone.

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  • Its so obvious that we need a easy method to take printout through mobile instead of desktops and laptops .this is a best method as you cant carry pen drives every where and transferring files from phones to desktop and then taking printout consumes lot of time and efforts.any way it was nice reading this blog.

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