How to Mirror an iPhone to a TV

March 10, 2020

Before getting into the topic, let me make it clear that mirroring is different from streaming video from iPhone to TV. If you are looking to mirror your iPhone to TV then you are in the right place! At times, your iPhone or iPad seems to be too small to watch videos or perform certain tasks. Fortunately! Your iOS device makes it easier to connect to any TV thus giving you an immersive bigger screen experience. Here is our guide that provides with simplest methods to mirror an iPhone to a TV.

Mirror an iPhone to a TV Using HDMI cable

The straightforward method that allows connecting iOS devices such as iPhones or iPad is using a wired connection. For iPhone 5 or later versions or any iPad Mini or fifth-generation iPod Touch, you can use Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter. And obviously! HDMI cables come into action! Here is how to setup:

– Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your TV and the adapter to another end

– Plug the Apple’s Lightning Digital AV adapter into the iOS device and set TV to the appropriate input.

mirror an iPhone to TV

– To avoid the iOS device battery from draining, you can also plug the charger to the second lightning port.

Doing so, now you can find many apps mirror an iOS display onto TV. However, certain video streaming apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix offer certain playback controls while playing videos on TV. And apps like HULU go further ahead and allows them to browse the catalog while playing videos.

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Mirror an iPhone to a TV Using Apple TV

Here is an alternative method that allows enjoying content from your iPhone to TV is using Apple TV. And you can stream the video via AirPlay.

– First, connect Apple TV to your TV using a spare HDMI port.

– Also, connect Apple TV to wireless networks. Now, choose appropriate input and ensure Apple TV home screen appears.

Mirror an iPhone to TV

– Ensure that both the iPhone/iPad and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

– Try playing a video on the iPhone and get access to the control center. To bring up the control center on the iPad, swipe down from the top-right and on other devices swipe up from the bottom.

In iOS 11 or later versions, you can now tap on-screen mirroring to select Apple TV. In case you are using iOS 10, then tap on AirPlay and then Apple TV.

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Mirror an iPhone to a TV Using AllCast

Mirror an iPhone to the TV using the AllCast app. It is a third-party screen mirroring app that allows casting contents from iPhone to a bigger screen TV. Using this tool, one can easily stream videos, music and even play games on a bigger screen without using any hardware or an HDMI cable. Enjoy the 5-minute viewing trial to find how it works. Let us learn how to mirror an iPhone to TV without Apple TV.

– Firstly! Install the AllCast app on your iOS device, and switch on a smart TV.

– Launch the app to let it access your media content on the iPhone.

– To mirror iPhone to TV, tap on the cast icon located at the bottom left of your screen.

mirror an iPhone to TV

– You find a panel that displays detected devices. Find your smart TV and tap on it to initiate a connection.

– AllCast now directs to all local photos and videos. Tap on it to display it on TV.

All the above-specified methods can help to mirror an iPhone to TV. It depends on your requirements and availability to choose an appropriate method.

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