How To Install Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App

October 28, 2019

One of the Google Pixel 4 coolest features of the Voice Recorder app that can instantly transcribe speech to text with ease. Though the feature is Pixel exclusive, still it allows downloading on any smartphone running on Android 9 or higher. Until now, iPhone had such a native recorder app and finally, we can see Android catching up its rival with such useful features. Another good part with the Pixel 4 voice recorder is you no longer need to rely on any third-party recorder apps from Playstore.

We have numerous Voice recorder apps online, but having the best with clean UI, no ads is a bit hard to find. This is exactly where the Pixel 4 voice recorder app shines. It is pretty simple with a clean layout and supports the Android 10 dark theme. Just, hit the big red button to start recording. These recorded files can then be played back and can be shared directly from the application.

Pixel voice recorder app

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Steps To Install Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App

Well! Before starting off with the process to install Google Pixel 4 recording app, let us remind the fact that it works with the devices running on Android Pie or above. Here are the steps to follow:

– Download the APK file of the voice recorder app from Pixel 4 and install it on your Android device. The total file size of the APK file is 28.68MB. Ensure that there is enough space on your Android smartphone.

Pixel voice recorder app

– Go to downloads-→ search and tap on voice recorder APK file.

– Since you are downloading from a third-party source, it may ask you permission to grant. Enable unknown sources by navigating through settings-→security-→unknown sources. Toggle the button to enable.

– Tap on install to continue the installation process.

– That’s it! You are done! Open the app to start recording on your Android smartphone.

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How To Use Google Pixel 4 Voice Recorder App

Now that you have a Google Voice Recorder App handy, understand the process of how to use to record voice directly from the screen.

– Launch the voice recorder app. If you are using it for the first time, then you need to enable location tags and hit accept. You are good to go now!

– On the main screen, there is a big red button. Hit it to initiate audio recording.

– Save the video to the desired location. Also, play the video back or jump to the transcript.

Pixel voice recorder app

– If you have plenty of recordings on your device, use search with specific words in your recordings. Also, there is an option to search from the recording selection page to identify words in recordings.

– On the top-right corner, you will find the option to share or save the recording to Google Drive. In case you choose share option, then you should select whether you want to share only audio, transcription or both.

The new voice recorder app from Pixel 4 is pretty cool and can do everything you desire. Being an inbuilt app, it is free to use and is a better option than other voice recording apps.

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