How To Import Photos From iPhone To Mac

November 13, 2019

In today’s world, it is pretty easy to seize moments. Almost every person has a good phone with a good camera. Personally, in my case, no day is spent without capturing photos wandering around. If you have an iPhone and you love taking pictures, or you like to keep things on your phone as memory, this blog is just for you. If you are willing to keep all of these photos with you then at some point you might face the storage problem. Now, in this article, we would be sharing some methods by which you can transfer your media from your iPhone to your Mac storage with safe and secure means. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the methods;

How To Import Photos From iPhone To Mac

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Methods to import photos from iPhone to Mac

1. iCloud Library

2. Image Capture

3. iCloud Photos

4. iMessage

Transfer With iCloud Library

This is a service from Apple house that helps you backup and sync your videos and pictures. This will automatically help you manage your storage on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With the iCloud library, you can share stuff with your friends and family.

icloud library iphone to mac

Enable iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone to Mac

Follow the steps to share photos with the help of iCloud Library;

1. On your device open the “Settings”

2. Scroll to search for “Photos” and tap.

3. Switch on the iCloud Photo Sharing by toggling the button.

Enable iCloud Photo Sharing on Mac

1. Open the ‘Photos” on your Mac

2. In the upper left corner in-app menu, choose “Photos”

3. Go to the “Preferences” in the menu

4. Tap the option for “iCloud”

5. Check the small box for “iCloud Photo Sharing”

Transfer With Image Capture From iPhone to Mac

On all the iOS devices that have a camera, you can use Image Capture on them. This will help you transfer the images from any iOS or iPadOS devices to your Mac. To clear up the storage, once you transfer the files to Image Capture, you can now delete it from your iPhone to Mac.

image capture

How to Use Image Capture

1. First, launch the Image Capture on your Mac

2. Open the Spotlight Search

3. Find Image Capture in Application Folder

4. Connect your iPhone to your Mac

You’ll see the thumbnails on the side of your screen. You can click on the images to select them. It can either transfer the selected images or all the images as you like with the “Import All” button.  You get different options like; you can rotate your photos or delete them.

Transfer Photos With iCloud Photos

With iCloud Photos, you can open your photos by different means. From iPhone to Mac, to Apple TV… basically all the Apple devices. All of your latest photos and videos are automatically added to iCloud Photos, and any edits you make are always up to date within all your devices.

iCloud Photos

To begin with, you need to make sure that your device is all ready with the latest update. Set up iCloud on all of the devices that you want to access the pictures on.

Enable iCloud Photos

1. On your iPhone, open the “Settings”

2. Go to your “Name” on the top of all the options

3. Select “Photos” and turn on “iCloud Photos”

Import Photos from iPhone to Mac

1. Connect your iPhone with the USB cable to your Mac

2. Keep your iOS device unlocked

3. You’ll get a message “Trust This Computer”, tap on “Trust” to continue

4. You’ll see all the pictures in the Photo app in the import screen

5. If you don’t see the import screen, click on the Import tab

6. Click the Device’s Name

7. Select photos to import and click on Import Selected.

You can now disconnect your iPhone from Mac. Your pictures are safe and secure with Apple house.

Transfer Photos With iMessage

This will help you if you want to transfer a few images than iMessage is a quick and straightforward way to import your photos from iPhone to Mac.

iMessage to Import files from iPhone to Mac

1. Open the image that you need to share

2. Click on the “Share” option

3. Tap “Copy” in the share menu

4. In the body of a new message, paste the image.

Out of all the methods, this is the simplest but the image quality and speed of transferring would be affected.

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