How to Hide Notifications From Your iPhone’s Lock Screen?

December 5, 2019

Are iPhone lock screen notifications driving you insane and getting you in trouble? We can relate. You can customize or even shroud the delicate data that these notifications now and again show.

hide notifications from your iphone’s lock screen

The iPhone lock screen has gone from having minimal helpful data on it to turn into a virtual announcement for app notifications, cautions, and messages. A portion of this data may be close to home, and you probably won’t want somebody who is remaining by you to see it. On the off chance that you leave your iPhone unattended in your work area, for example, anybody can see your notifications.

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Instructions to Hide Notifications From the Lock Screen Entirely

At the point when you cripple previews, somebody taking a gander at your phone will at present have the option to see you’re getting a warning from that app. They just won’t have the option to perceive what the warning says. On the other hand, you can conceal the app’s notifications from the lock screen completely, so individuals won’t have the option to see you got a warning by any means.

To do this, head to Settings > Notifications and tap the app you want to escape your lock screen. Toggle the “Show on Lock Screen” slider to off. You’ll need to do this for each app you want to avoid your lock screen. The app’s notifications will, in any case, appear in your history and in standards while the phone is unlocked.

You can utilize different alternatives here to configure precisely where an app’s notifications appear—in the history, in spring up pennants, or as identification on the app’s symbol. You can likewise handicap notifications completely for an app from here and they won’t appear when your phone is unlocked.

Instructions to Hide Notifications Previews for Individual Apps

Whatever choice you pick, you can abrogate it for individual apps. For instance, you can shroud message previews for all apps, however then permit them for a couple apps. Or on the other hand, you can permit message previews from most apps. However, concealing them for a couple of touchy apps, similar to email.

To do this, head to the Settings > Notifications screen and tap the app you want to configure. Look down on the app’s warning settings screen, tap “Show Previews” under Options, and select your inclination. You can choose “When Unlocked”, “Never”, or “Constantly” here. Except if you select custom inclinations for an app, it will utilize the default setting you to decide for all apps.

Instructions to Hide Notification Previews for All Apps

To change this setting, head to Settings > Notifications on your phone. Tap the “Show Previews” alternative at the top of the screen.

Set the alternative to “When Unlocked” and warning previews will be covered up until you unlock your phone, keeping others from snooping on them. You can likewise choose “Never” and you’ll never observe previews, even while your phone is unlocked. The “Consistently” choice is the default and will consistently show full notice previews, even on the lock screen.

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