How to Fix Missed Call Notification Not Showing in Android

March 10, 2020

Recently, we have heard many Android users reporting that they are unable to see missed call notifications on their handsets. Notification alerts have made our lives easier. And it is a bit harder to find that the notification badge especially of the phone app is not working. Being an extremely convenient option, the issue needs to be fixed at the earliest. Before that let us see what causes this problem? One of the common problems is the Android OS update which brings in many fixes as well as bugs. And the lack of missed call notification alerts could be due to the bugs on the platform. In order to fix the problem, here are some of the quick solutions to follow. Let us check out how to fix the missed call notification problems on Android.

Restart Your Phone

Before you start looking up other alternative fixes, first give your phone a restart. We never know where the tiny fix can be. So, if you find the missed call notifications not showing up, restart your device. This is the simple yet quick fix even on complex errors.

restart Android phone

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Check if you disable the Phone App Notifications

There is every chance that you may have disabled Notification settings on Android by mistake. Check and enable the Notifications for the phone app. Here is how to do

– Head to settings-→Apps.

– Tap on phone -→Notifications.

– Slide the bar to enable. This displays the notifications on the phone.

missed call notifications

– Also, ensure to tap on missed calls from the below list. If necessary you can change the behavior of how to show the notifications. You can choose to make sound and pop-up on the screen, only make sound, or show silently.

That’s it, you are done! This method can help fix missed call notifications on Android.

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Clear Cache & Data of Phone App

In case, the above methods to fix missed call notifications not showing on Android fail, then try to clear cache and data of the phone app. To clear, here are the simple steps to follow.

– Head to settings-→Apps.

– From the list of apps, select ‘Phone’ or “Phone Management” or something similar.

– Selection storage-→Clear cache/Clear data.

clear cache data

Voila! Before proceeding to restart your Android smartphone to find if the missed call notification problem is fixed or not.

Android is even flexible enough to recover deleted contacts & call logs

Change Default Phone App

Did you install any third-party phone app? Or did you make any changes to the default settings? Certain third-party apps like Truecaller could be the reason for the problem. When you use the apps like Truecaller as a default phone app, then notifications may not appear in the native Phone app. So, try changing the native app as a default app.

– Navigate through the phone settings → Apps & notifications or App Manager.

– Tap on Default apps under Advanced.

– In some cases, you might need to tap on the three-dot icon located on the top-right end.

– Tap on the Phone app.

change default app

– Change the default phone app.

Check by giving a missed call. This should definitely work out. At times, updating to the latest Android version could bring in fix to missed call notification problem.

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