Chromecast Not Working? 5 Simple Methods to Fix It.

September 30, 2019

Entertainment is a part of life! People use different devices to entertain themselves. Chromecast is the latest innovative addition to a home entertainment system that lets the user have a smooth experience. To use this device, connect the media streaming adapter to the television set and then connect it to a smartphone using WiFi. This simply grants access to multiple streaming services such as Google Play, Netflix, YouTube and more. Despite the popular and advanced entertainment system, Chromecast can freeze at a certain point without any reason. Chromecast not working?

Well! Not every technology is perfect enough to operate without any problems.This could be frustrating as it obstructs your entertainment. The faulty unit or the internal issues with the Chrome browser could be the issue. Whatever may be the reason, here are 5 simple methods to troubleshoot and find the exact cause of Chromecast problems.

chromecast not working

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Method 1: Reboot Chromecast

Reboot Chromecast

The first thing to try out when you find Chromecast is not working is to reboot the device. Just unplug the device, wait for a few seconds and plug it back. After you plug in, wait for a few minutes to start up. Later try casting the device. In many instances, this could solve your problem. If not, then check the remaining methods.

Method 2: Check Power Supply

Check Power Supply

One of the common reasons for the Chromecast issue is the lack of proper power supply. Most people prefer using USB or HDMI on the television to the power device. Yes! It works! At the same time, there are some downsides to using TV as a power source. This means that if you switch off the TV, even Chromecast is off. So, you need to restart the device each time when you switch on the TV and download the update. Moreover, not all USB ports are grounded which could result in spontaneous restarts. In such cases, disconnect Chromecast and plugin the device to a proper outlet.

Method 3: Poor WiFi connection

Poor WiFi connection

WiFi connectivity is one of the major concerns of Chromecast not working issue. So, make sure if the Chromecast is within the WiFi range. If you find that the Chromecast is out of range then there will be an issue in connectivity. If the Chromecast is within range, try restarting your WiFi router to receive proper WiFi signals. Also, ensure that Chromecast is running on a 2.4GHz network frequency.

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Method 4: Update Chrome Web Browser

Update Chrome Web Browser

If you are one of those who directly cast from the computer then you may have a newer version of Google Chrome. At times, this could be the reason for Chromecast to stop working. There is even a chance of the Chromecast button not appearing on certain websites. Update web browser to fix the Chromecast problem due to browser. Here are simple steps to update Google Chrome:

– Open Google Chrome

– Tap on three dots icon in the top right.

– Click on Update Google Chrome.

– Relaunch Chrome Browser.

Method 5: Factory Data Reset On Chromecast

Factory Data Reset On Chromecast

If all the above methods fail and still Chromecast isn’t working, then factory reset is the only solution. This is the easiest solution that will reset the Chromecast to its default settings. However, Chromecast reset will not delete any app data. To reset,

-Hold down the button on the back of the Chromecast dongle for at least 25 seconds.

– Wait until the TV screen blacks out.

– The reset process starts.

– Once finished, start the complete Chromecast setup process again.

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