How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

November 17, 2018

Well, most of the new or maybe the old iPhone or iPad users want to know that how to reset iPhone or iPad factory settings because it becomes essential to wipe the data from a device which you want to sell, or passing it on to a family member or friend. Certainly, while selling an iPhone or iPad, it’s absolutely vital that you delete all the sensitive data stored on it. If not, an unscrupulous buyer could gain access to your social media profiles, your financial information, and even your personal photos and videos, enabling them to browse through your private moments or steal your identity. This could be rescued if you already take the precautionary measure by knowing how to factory reset iPhone or iPad in just a few steps mentioned below.  So don’t be careless about your precious information and data thus do the factory reset iPad or iPhone before forwarding your device.

How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

Applying the factory reset iPad or iPhone can also help resolve issues with your device if it’s crashing or freezing, or suffering from unidentified issues. Moreover, these new and modern electronic devices sometimes behave complicated and eventually get themselves into a bit of a confused state. In such case resetting and wiping a device can vanish the issues that cause the device to get stuck in a loop, appear sluggish or otherwise impair performance. It’s not a guarantee, but you’d be astonished to witness how often it works.

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How to reset iPhone or iPad to factory settings

First Back Up iPhone or iPad:

Before you learn how to factory reset iPhone make sure that your important data is backed up and for that, you can use either iCloud or iTunes for an iOS device.

For iCloud go to Settings > iCloud > Backup and make sure that the feature is enabled. If you want to check the last backup was run look under the “Back Up Now” option for the accurate date and time of last back up.

To use iTunes to back up your iPhone or iPad, connect in your device with PC or Mac through charging cable afterward click on the iPhone or iPad icon in the top left corner of iTunes, under the Play button.

The back up before the answer of the query how to reset iPhone or iPad is somehow necessary as it would save and store your personal data for the future usage.

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How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

How to Factory Reset iPhone or iPad:

After the first step of securing the data in the backup form afterward you can perform the further solution steps of how to reset iPhone or iPad subsequently it will completely remove your personal stuff from the device hence early backup would be handy.

To factory reset iPad or iPhone go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings in the next you will see the notification for your passcode then enter that, soon after that a warning box will appear, with the option to “Erase iPhone” (or iPad) in red. Tap this.

The important thing here is that the device will ask for your Apple ID password for the confirmation of the action, then the procedure of the factory reset iPad or iPhone will continue that would delete or erase everything off its storage however set the iPhone or iPad into its initial standard setup.

Conversely, there is another option as well for initiation of the how to factory reset iPhone or iPad process, in particular, it would be through iTunes.  Connect iPhone or iPad with iTunes, the option of ‘Restore iPhone’ button, will fully reset the device.

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How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad

Surely, these basic steps would have helped you to answer the query of how to reset iPhone or iPad, of course after following these you can now pass on or sell your iOS device.

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