How To Enable Dark Mode In Twitter App for Android

December 29, 2019

In case you’re looking through your Twitter events around evening time, empowering dark mode will help to remove the extra reflections and glare on the screen and make the usage effective and easy to look at.

Dark Mode In Twitter

Some recommendations lessening presentation to blue light before bed can assist you with getting a charge out of a superior night’s rest, and changing to dark mode can likewise be helpful if you battle with the differentiation of dark content on a white foundation. Dark mode for Twitter looks incredible, as well. Not at all like WhatsApp and Facebook, which are currently playing get up to speed, Twitter’s designers rushed to see the upsides of dark mode, and it was one of the main Web-based life stages to build up an improved dark interface.

In any case, with AMOLED screens getting progressively typical in phones and tablets, demand expanded for a “genuine dark” elective, which appeared on Web and iOS recently as “Lights Out.” After long periods of prodding and spotting early forms in Twitter Alpha and Beta, today, Twitter has started the more extensive arrival of Lights Out mode.

Dark mode for Twitter is additionally refreshingly simple to enable. However, with two unique varieties to browse on cell phones, and it’s not precisely as direct as it would appear. Here’s how to do it.

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Dark Modes For Twitter On Android

Twitter for Android has two dark modes: one with a dark blue foundation (called ‘Diminish’) and another with a deep foundation (called ‘Lights out’), which was planned given AMOLED screens.

To pick a dark mode, slide out the primary menu, select ‘Settings and privacy’ and tap ‘Display and sound.’ You would now be able to pick which dark mode you’d prefer to utilize, and toggle it on or off (or have it initiated consequently at nightfall). Lights Out have been accessible to iOS clients for quite a while, yet it’s as of late been added to the Android app. If it doesn’t appear in the menu, open your phone’s settings and look down to ‘Apps.’ Discover Twitter in the rundown, tap it, and select ‘Force stop,’ at that point, clear the app’s information. Re-dispatch Twitter and the Lights Out alternative should now be accessible.

Enable Dark Mode For Twitter Step by Step

Before perusing the means, if you don’t mind note that if you are utilizing the Android ten working framework, at that point, you have to turn on the System-wide dark mode. The structure wide dark mode of Android 10 forces the Twitter app to utilize the dark way.

1. Above all else, head to the Google Play Store and update the Twitter app from that point.

2. When done, open the app, and you will be approaching to make or sign in with your account. Sign in with your Twitter account.

3. Simply tap on the Profile symbol at the upper left and then tap on the light bulb symbol situated at the exceptionally base left of the screen.

4. Now, you will see the new dark mode of the Twitter Android app.

That is it! You are finished. This is how you can enable the dark mode in the most well known long range interpersonal communication app. If you have any questions identified with this, let us know in the remark box beneath.


We all know that at night, the dark mode works the best for every device. Low light makes it easier to use for as long as you want.

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