How To Detect Keylogger & Remove It From Computer

November 28, 2019

Ever heard of the Keyloggers? Ever wonder how all the login credentials, user names and confidential details are stolen? If not! Let me make it understand for you. All these tasks are performed by recording keystrokes on your Windows PC/laptop. Technically speaking, it is termed as keylogging. One who performs such tasks is known as Keyloggers. Computer science has gone through huge advancement and different software came into existence that allows you to pay bills, talk to friends, handle online transactions from the comfort of your couch.

Probably! This dependence and advancement is the main key for hackers and cybercrimes. A cyber thief or the keylogger uses software to track the keys on the user keyboard to steal user name and password, SSN, PIN or whatever details user uses to login to a bank account.


So, it is important enough to understand the techniques of how to detect and get rid of these keyloggers so as to prevent ourselves from Cybertheft. Here, let us discuss something more about Keyloggers, how to detect keyloggers on Windows 10, 8 and 7 and remove them right away.

What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is also known as Keystroke Logger is a software program or the hardware internals that record keystroke in the background. These programs are pretty dangerous that can be installed by hackers on anyone’s system. This could allow hacking someone’s bank details, login credentials, user name, and other info. In certain cases, Keyloggers are legal as it is used by the employers to track confidential data. But, as this malicious application can record keystrokes, Cybercriminals use it to break into your PC. While some keyloggers just capture the keystrokes or patterns, other keyloggers can capture screenshot of user activity.

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How To Detect and Remove Keylogger from Windows PC?

As this software runs in the background, it becomes a bit difficult to detect keyloggers. Well! It is quite important to detect Keylogger on your PC in order to eradicate it. There exist different types of Keyloggers that are critical enough to record keystrokes, track activity, and other details. Below are the methods that allow us to detect and remove Keylogger in PC.

– Using Task Manager

– Press SHIFT+ALT+DELETE from your PC keyboard.

– Choose Task Manager to open up different processes.

detect keylogger

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– Scroll down to find the winlogon.exe process.

– In case you find two files with the same file name or something unusual file running, then right-click on second on and select end process.

remove keylogger

– Using Command Prompt

– Click on Windows Menu, type in CMD in the search bar.

– right-click on the first option and run as administrator to open command prompt window.

detect keylogger

– Type in the command “netstat -ano”.

– This command displays all the background processes in a total of 5 columns.

– Though not all the details, be concerned about the last two columns and ensure to jot down PID of suspicious programs.

– Open task manager-→services.

– Here, you will find some running processes in the background. Look for PID 2536 and 980.

– Check if that PID is safe on a computer or not to detect if your device is infected or not.

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– Use Anti-Keylogger Program

There exists numerous anti-keylogger software that especially do the task to scan and detects keylogger in your system. It is one of the safest methods to keep your PC secure. Additionally, it can remove keylogger from your system. These are more effective than anti-virus program that can detect keyloggers. Some of the best anti-keylogger programs include Spyshelter, Zemana Antilogger, Bitdefender and more.

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