How To Connect Wireless Bluetooth Mini Stereo Earphone

June 12, 2018

Double your enjoyment now with music. It is not a passion for few but is the best pastime for many. Just keep your earphones on and connect it your phone to enjoy your favourite music. With the technological advancement, we are now blessed with best wireless earphones that render great sound quality. Nowadays, you need not require the heavy music system to listen to music. If you have a smartphone then it is more than enough to play the music you love with the best sound quality. Gone are the days where people tend to use wired earphones, now its time to make use of the latest wireless Bluetooth Mini stereo earphone. It lets you connect your device using Bluetooth technology. Here, let us have a look into the detailed information of the most popular Wireless Bluetooth Mini stereo earphone. From design, specs to the connection process, we will have a detailed review of the earphone.

Wireless Bluetooth Mini Stereo Earphone Specs

The latest Wireless Bluetooth Mini stereo earphone adopts Bluetooth V4.1 with powerful active noise reduction technology. The built-in 60mAh battery can render continuous talk time of 4-5 hours and standby time of 120 hours. There is a support for 30mW output power that is capable enough to charge the earphones within 60 minutes. The power indicator lets you know the charging level. Red light specifies that the device is in charging and blue light resembles full charge. The headsets adopt high-quality stereo audio transmission that can produce crystal clear natural voice and sounds. It works along with the echo cancellation technology to enable clear sound while talking or listening music.


As with the remaining wireless earphones, even the wireless Bluetooth Mini stereo earphones make use of 2.4GHz Bluetooth that can produce HD quality sound. It even features the option of tone switch that makes the device change its language between Chinese and English. The hands-free functionality will release your hands especially while answering calls during driving or walking. Weighing just 5g, this tiny earpiece can fit anywhere and you can barely weigh on your ear. It is made of soft material that can protect ears with no pain and even easily wearable. The earphone is designed in such a manner that it easily fits your ear. Its weight makes it perfectly suitable for business, home, travel, sports and for leisure activities. It can support multi-point technology that can connect different devices in 10 meters range. The device renders it support to iOS devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and Android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S9.

How to Connect?

Now that you have the best wireless Bluetooth headset, here is how you can pair them and connect with the devices. The easy to use nature makes it more popular. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including tablets, smartphones, notebook, and pairing up just takes few seconds of time. Here is a video that shows the process to pair up earbuds and connect it to smartphone

Step 1: Press the power button continuously on either of the earphones until blue/red light appears alternatively.

Step 2: Later, select any one of the earbuds to click the button twice, Wait for 3-5 seconds to make both the buds pair up with each other. If one of the earbuds light is off then the pairing is successful.

Step 3: Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and once identified, then connect and click on OK. Once the connection is successful, you can start listening to your favourite music with these best Wireless Bluetooth Mini Stereo Earphones.

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